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Show me your desires, and I'll show you your chains

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Rumors are afloat that the X1 is about to get a much needed re-design. Long hve fans complained about it rediculous form factor. This is not really surprising. Most consoles get thinner and lighter as time goes on.....unlike your mum. HEHEHEHEH


A new Assassins Creed is being made. Some outlets have the audacity to call this "News", which further proves the point that games journalism really is dead.

SOny recently released the spiritual successor to Dark Souls in the form of Bloodborne. Sony say its epic. Some say its stupid. I say its a really clever ploy to increase controller sales. I'm safe though...i've gotten a year's supply of Valium. So be warned SOny......Your clever schemes are no match for my rampant addictions. I could say that its now your "move", but that would just be a low blow.


WHile many fans complain about the direction games are taking, one game maker is deciding to double down on the trend of cinematic games. Yep, a new remastered version of Heavy Rain is set to be released on the PS4. Creator David Cage has also announced a Special Edition aimed at further enhancing that cinematic feel. Yep, for an extra $30 dollars, the game will include a hot dog and bag of popcorn. Eat you heart out Hollywood - not literally though - come to think of it, that would be impossible anyway.

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David Jaffee insists that he is making a new Twisted Metal because Sony owns it. He can't make a new God of War for the same reason. He was planning of combining the two to make a new "Twisted God" franchise, but that seemed fairly redundant.

I saw a headline recently that said that a Dead or Alive was being whitewashed. I immediatle clicked the link hoping that they were using the word "whitewash" in a euphamistic way. I was disappointed. Unfortunately, DOA is NOT including a new bukkake mode. Another dream shattered.

After the recent NX reveal,

Some People say the WiiU is dead
More say that it was never alive in the first place
Still more say "WTF is a WiiU?"

As news of Kojima leaving Konami spread, many voiced concerns over the future of Silent Hills. Not me though, i'm more of a "Big Picture" kind of guy. I am concerned with the fate of the entire human race as a result of this news.Why?

Well, in order to carry on the Metal gear franchise, Konami are rumored to be working on a groundbreaking AI to help make sense of the Metal Gear story. Its only a matter of time before that poorAI turns on us and screams "NO (Narrative) THREADS ON ME!"

There's been a lot of April fools jokes flying around about Kojima joining Naughty dog or Push Square and a lot of other rubbish. Don't be fooled people. We all know Kojima is joining Pewdiepie to make Letsplay vids - cause that's where all the REAL money is in this industry.

Actually he's really gonna join King to make a version of Candy crush using different colored cardboard boxes called "Cardboard Crush".Its said to also be part of a recycling campaign.