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20.5 Million No Games sold that is impressive.

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weaveworld said:
Somini said:
weaveworld said:
So ps3 had blu ray, streaming and could play music, (all from the start? too lazy to look) and now people are buying this Ps4 thing exactly because of what...?

Great sales though, and still hard to keep up with demand. What will happen when the games arrive...


That's the part where i am confused. Out of this world sales with not exactly insanely popular games to back them up with. Maybe we are still living in the aftermath of Microsofts DRM meltdown.

I mean it's not like with the newest iphone or something that everyone just wants and buys one right...? Or is it?

First it has all the features the PS3 had, almost the rest is coming. It has good games and last gen lasted a lifetime. People were getting bored and this gen PS4 is were you wanna be as the rest is lackluster. These are some of the reasons why the console is performing so wildly!

According to a new study; YouTube,, NeoGaf, N4G, VGChartz, IGN, GameSpot, GameStop, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, All of Europe, FAMITSU, Japan, the rest of Asia and The whole of the Middle East among countless others are experiencing a Tsunami of people in love with Sony's gamings offerings.

CommonNinja said:

I'm Guessing they will have about 8M sold by E3, and will likely reach the 10M milestone around the time Destiny launches in September.

1m sold in over 2 months? Less than 500k a month? Less than 120k a week? I think not. I'll say 9m

pezus said:
CommonNinja said:

I'm Guessing they will have about 8M sold by E3, and will likely reach the 10M milestone around the time Destiny launches in September.

1m sold in over 2 months? I think not. I'll say 9m

Well, there are a few games inbetween now and E3 to drive some extra sales, so 9 million is definitely doable;

Child of Light
MLB 14: The Show
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Watch Dogs

LordLichtenstein said:
Dark_Lord_2008 said:
Imagine PS4 after 3 years on the market with a good line up of games, a price cut and having sold over 40 million units? The PS4 has future potential and early adopters pay a premium for a new product.

By the end 2016 PS4 should have been able reach 55-60 million.

To be specific, PS4 will have sold between 47.3 & 58.9 million by the end of 2016 compared to 16.7 & 25.9 mil for XB1

Xbox One X (Scorpio) Prospects

Sales Estimations for 8th Generation Consoles

Next Gen Consoles Impressions and Estimates

Regional Analysis  (only MS and Sony Consoles)
Europe     => XB1 : 15-25 % vs PS4 : 75-85%
N. America => XB1 :  35-45% vs PS4 : 55-65%
Global     => XB1 :  24-33% vs PS4 : 67-76%

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Xenostar said:
20.5 Million No Games sold that is impressive.

Yeah, most PS4 owners bought three copies of the only game available on the PS4. They were that desperate for games, or maybe Knack was just that good.

On a more serious note: the attach rate is getting close to 3. I hope it keeps growing.

Attention those in the debate with Walsufnir.

If you read his post carefully, he was indeed mocking N4G, not PS fans overall. However, Walsunir, you need to be careful in your wording with statements like that. They are very easy to misconstrue and it may be worth your time to more carefully construct the post to ensure your meaning is adequately conveyed, lest you find yourself in another barrage of attacks.

The rEVOLution is not being televised

some people seem surprised at why anyone would buy a PS4,Gen 7 had what over 250m partakers,
the early gen 8 loyalists are in for around 18m,sony didn't manage to balls up the gen 8 launch and have levelled market share back in the US/UK

even with massive unmanageable debt and going out of business sometime soon doesn't mean sony can't win a final console war


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mutantclown said:
Shinobi-san said:
Wow Vgchartz is very close to that number! Good tracking guys

lol, I wonder how VGC numbers would look if they kept their OWN, original numbers without making ANY adjustments to reflect NPD, chart-track, media create and official company announcements like this one. Hint : totally off


2008ProchargedGT said:

Only a few block buster games, nothing really inovative yet this is such a phenomeno. I think this systems success if more surpring that that of the original wii. The of a bright future backed by the pedicure of 3 generations of delivering has to be it

"Innovation" is just a buzzword, that just means an attempt at something new. Its not inherently beneficial and by its nature its not perfected.

Innovation is not something that sells consoles. The PS2 encoporated advances to the PS1 and existing dvd and music features, the Wii included motion controls that had already exists and just made it cheap and affordable.

Innovation has barely anything to do with success.

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