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Tl;DW He has a pipedream.


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Umm, I'm gonna say no.

Is he serious?


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Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:
Is he serious?

"These motha fuckas richer than God"

Yeah, I think so.

My reaction to this guy in the video:

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I can't really see Monster Hunter selling well on an Xbox Platform

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    No they shouldn't, only Nintendo fans have the rights to talk about buying Capcom;)

    ot: I don't really don't think they should buy them though. I don't think it's worth it. Don't really think there IP's are truely worth it to Microsoft. Monster Hunter is the one Sony and Nintendo wants and I don't see Microsoft being able to use it and create good numbers.

    Also, he's trying to create a movement for Microsoft to buy Capcom. Yeah, since all corporations listen to people on Twitter telling them to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to buy a company.


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    Capcom is a terrible company these days. No sure Microsoft would be better off by buying them off.

    at 2 mins he has some decent enough points, but yeah will see what Phil has to announce at E3, he's right about capcom being a great stepping stone to open up Japan for the Xbox.

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    Dead Rising has become an Xbox tradition. The 360 and the One had Dead Rising as a launch title. Maybe the world would be better off if Capcom just went bust and sold their IPs. As for Japan, these games need to be ready at launch, and that's just five months away. The Xbox One needs to make a strong first impression or it won't work.