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For the greater part of our lifetimes, Nintendo has always been recognized as a stable gaming company, posting Net profits year after year even as their home consoles saw lower sales each generation; a trend which would later be broken with the massive success of the Wii. In light of this, it was apparent that Nintendo had little to no reason to listen to any advice from people beyond their high quarters, and that they had every reason to fully trust in their own expertise. Until now.

Ever since the beginning of this generation, Nintendo's problems could not possibly be more apparent: The Nintendo 3DS handheld system struggled immediately out of the gate, forcing an $80 price cut mere months after launch. Shortly thereafter, the Wii U home console faced similar struggles as Nintendo failed to support the system following launch while not having room for any significant price cuts to help stabilize the sales. Both of these events and what came after are the main reasons why Nintendo has posted financial losses in recent years, in stark contrast to their greatly profitable past. But they are merely symptoms of the real problem. Namely, their lack of adaptation. So let's take a look at how Nintendo could and should have acted to avoid this struggle and pray that they take the following points into account when the ninth console generation arrives:


Firstly, the 3DS should never have had any sort of 3D feature to begin with. The people who bought the system for its 3D effects are insignificant compared to the masses who would have purchased the 3DS had it been $20 cheaper. Not recognizing this clearly shows how out of touch Nintendo is with their potential consumers. Keep in mind that the upper widescreen display would still make it apparent even for the average consumer that the system would be more than yet another DS model, so there would be no need for concern.

Secondly, the Wii U should have been much more powerful to meet consumer and developer demand. With their decision, Nintendo gave away all possible chances of securing the support of third party developers and consumers who have historically shown strong support whenever the hardware specs of Nintendo systems are up to date. Of course, all of this would suggest that the Wii U would have to be sold at a higher price, but the rewarding specs would more than make up for it. Another side effect would be that Nintendo developed software would suffer further delays, which brings us to the third and most important point.

Software delays should have been avoided at all costs. At this point I'm certain that all Nintendo fans have experienced at least one delay for an anticipated franchise these last few years; Nintendo gives you a date only to make you wait even longer than initially promised, and for what reason? "Polish" of their software, as they like to call it. This is yet another example of Nintendo failing to adapt to what is largely considered industry standards in this day and age. Because the means of avoiding these delays are already there and have been for quite some time: Need more time to fix bugs or glitches? Release the game in time and let the gamers report the issues, then simply apply software updates accordingly. Need more time to create levels or other additional content? Release it as DLC whenever the work is done.

Applying these points would have saved time, resources and money. And the fact that this even needs to be mentioned is a testament to Nintendo's arrogance which will soon be their downfall unless they find a way to climb down from their astronomically high horse.

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Ah yes, hindsight always brings out the experts...

(And even better, there's no way to actually assess their claims.)

I assume this is a joke post?

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Idk... You have other companies like Capcom, SE, Sega, and etc that tried adapting and we get crap like FFXIII, FFXIV (original launch), Sonic franchise for the 7th gen, RE franchise for the 7th gen, And every one of them making shit games for mobile... Capcom even went as far to spend 4 billion yen on a mobile division that they got from Monster Hunter sales instead of a new game

Oh and software delays... Come on... You really want them to release unfinished games like EA and others?

So maybe them being arrogant, specially after the latest MK8 and SSB trailers, isn't all that bad but granted it could certainly be improved...


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ugh... So you're one of those people who think that Nintendo should have ran all their systems as clones of Sony's Playstation systems. Nintendo is trying far-out ideas, of course some of them are going to bomb, that's just how those ideas work. Look at the DS, that worked perfectly fine, same with the Wii. You win some you lose some in that game.

You have no idea what you are talking about. More power has nothing to do with the problem. It's only hardcore gamers that really care about that. Yes it locks them out of the third party loop, but chances are if the gamer really wanted those titles, they probably have one of the other systems those titles come out on. I personally have a PC for the oddball FPS I wanna try.

As far as your brilliant idea or releasing the game in beta, games who've done that, namely EA have been harshly reprimanded for those practices. I applaud Nintendo for always holding off on releases until a game is perfect.

Nintendo's problem was simply that the gamepad didn't spark peoples interest like the Wii Remotes did. It wasn't that inspiring of an idea.

Finally do you honestly believe that Nintendo would be beating Sony right now if they just copied the PS4 like you're talking about.... Part of Nintendo's draw right now is that it is an economy console.

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Adaptability is the main problem that Nintendo is facing, on that I can agree. They need to go all out if they want to stay relevant in their industry. Going mobile, day one DLC, patches and microstransactions are one step in the right direction if they want to survive in today's enviroment.

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Eh, I think the opposite is true. Finishing the product is key to their levels of quality. I don't want Nintendo to be just another craven money-grubbing DLC factory that releases sub-par unfinished rushed crap.

Nintendo made a big mistake in not finishing more titles before the launch of the U. Honestly they should have waited until after PS4/XB1 and just rode the 3DS until then (highly profitable), and then launched with 3DS 2nd-screen support rather than an expensive, questionably useful tablet. A $199 launch price + SM3DW + at least 2 other major franchise titles = GOOOOOLD.

WiiU can still do fantastic though as the de-facto 2nd console for people. Got an XB1? Pick up a U as well for $199 and get to play all the fantastic exclusives, and you don't have to even pay for online! Got a PS4? Same thing. Whereas an owner of a PS4 or XB1 would have to be borderline crazy to get the other console when 90% of the games are multiplats AND you have to pay an online fee for online play.

I don't think they are arrogant, just a bit behind the times on a few issues, online functionality probably being the worst.

By Arrogance I presume you mean utter stupidity?

in regards to all the comments on DLC. If they have stuff prepared for day one release they should just have left it included on the disc with the game in the first place instead of making us logon and download it separately. Personally i think nintendo is just fine and despite slow game releases their games have exceptional quality i find lacking in most newer mainstream titles nowadays. Games need to be good not have cinema level images.