Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Pinball Arcade dev says the PS3 'stomps' the Wii U in terms of power, calls it Wii 1.5

Let the thunder storms commence! BAM BAM BAM! >=D


UPDATE - Mel Kirk from Zen Studios (Zen Pinball creators) had this to say about the Wii U's power. This statement was sent directly to us just a few minutes ago.

Zen Pinball and Star Wars Pinball run perfectly fine on Wii U. We have had issues with leaderboard capacity and pings, but other than that the game runs fine!



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Uh oh.

Well, this is new.


inb4 hacked facebook account ...

so we will not have next-gen pinball on WiiU? my world just fading away

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Wouldn't surprise me if it's bang on the money. But until you can play Mario and co on a PS3/PS4 for me it's a moot point.

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Oh boy.....This can only end well.

If I'm not mistaken, doesn't Nintendo's NDC say that they can't go out and do stuff like this. Also, he says PS3 is graphically better but Wii U games tend to look better than the PS3. Are developers not putting effort into the PS3 version of there games but putting more into the Wii U. Or does he have no clue what he is saying. Watch Dogs is even said to be better than the PS3 version.


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Well at least they are someone who actually has the balls to stand forward. In that department they deserve a kudos. Not only that, but they have actually developed for the system as well. Even so this doesn't match with what the majority of NAMED developers have said. I would love to hear why it is less powerful, other than "nintendo has a different focus." I won't write off what he said, but I don't see why his words have any power against the words of Criterion or Shinen, developers that actually have tried to push the hardware.

Also, the PS3 are a much older system. This gices me two reasons to think that the wii u is more powerful. First, the launch games on the Wii U looked way better than the PS3's launch games. Secondly, the tech needed for PS3 power should be more than cheap enough for Nintendo. Remember that even the Wii was more powerful that all the consoles from the generation before it.

Its funny and sad to see some get so worked up over someone's opinion.

People can say what they want, so get over it. Who cares!? Does it stop the person from having fun on the wiiu bc this guy doesnt think as highly of it as they do? Get over yourself.


Wow....I don't even....

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