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Forums - Sports Discussion - Are there any runners on VGChartz?


Are you a runner?

Yes - a very keen one 15 32.61%
Sort of 17 36.96%
No 7 15.22%
Running is not a sport 7 15.22%
supermario128 said:
Yes, I recently took up running. It will be one year this summer.

Total distance ran: 617 miles
Farthest run: 14 miles
Longest run: 1 hour 52 minutes
Fastest half marathon: 94 minutes
Fastest 10k: 43 minutes
Fastest 5k: 21 minutes
Fastest mile: 5 min 27 sec

I almost always use nike+ running gps to keep track. Mainly because I can listen to music/ podcasts while I run this way as well.

Oh cool I am on Nike too!

Total distance ran: 1754km (since November 2012)
Farthest run: 24.25km
Longest run: 2:10:52
Fastest half marathon: 96:30
Fastest 10km:
Fastests 5km:
Fastest km: 3.14
Fastest mile: 5.56


My fastest 10km and 5km are ridiculously fast because the app messed up that day :P
You're very quick by the way!

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Did a mile w/ my daughter (a little walking, a little running) about 45 mins ago. Felt great. Nothing amazing but it's good to get out there and be active. She's in pretty good shape considering all she wants to do is play video games and watch Netflix. Gonna have to support her since so many people in my area around her age are so inactive.

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I do a little bit, but only because I kinda have to for other sports I play. Well, I do more than a little bit, but it's all part of other stuff--I rarely run just for the sake of running, even though it can be a little fun to. Running around a track is kinda boring though (I would know, I ran track one year in HS, I wasn't anything impressive though).

starcraft said:

Oh cool I am on Nike too! My fastest 10km and 5km are ridiculously fast because the app messed up that day :P You're very quick by the way!


If it really messed up that bad you can go back and delete that run. I know if stinks to delete a 10k run, or the like, but sometimes it has to be done. I've had times where I've lost runs because they were under maintenance and somethine got messed up in the process. :/

It seems you are just as quick. Our times are very similar!

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starcraft said:
maximus22 said:

I'm becoming one. I used to run 1 or 2 miles at a time but only to stay in shape and I absolutely hated it. Then last year I trained for a tough mudder (12 miles/19km) and once I got over the feeling that I was going to die I actually started to enjoy running. I'm doing several different races this year just so I have something on the horizon to train for.

How did you find the Tough Mudder?

I did one about 18 months ago, pretty intense stuff!

I have a buddy that's big into adventure races and he told me about it years ago.  At the time it sounded impossible but it stayed in my mind as something I'd like to be able to do.  It took a lot to get ready for it but it was a lot of fun and very challenging; a big accomplishment for me.  And it also made me want to do more.

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Use to run like 2-3 miles a day like a year ago maybe ill get back into it someday for now though i just do sprints as my form of running