HOLY MOTHER OF GOD - do you spend hours making your character in rpgs like me? YES , then you have to check this !!!!

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I want it, now. I spend a ton of time making my character and this level of detail is astounding. There better a "save progress" cause I will spend a day or two just on this.

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Sometimes I get really into creating my character (Saints Row, Skyrim, etc...) then it just feels tedious and boring (Fallout) or the character models just suck (also Fallout)

A piece of paper and a pencil is all you need for character creation...........



Maybe add art skills to the list.

VanceIX said:
I suck at customizing characters, so I would just make some minor changes to the base model so I feel sort of unique lol

same here, for female I just change the hair style and colour, for male I put on a different beard, that's all I am capable of doing, if I try to go into details they'll all end up as hideous freaks.


Aesthetics reminded me of Deep Down.

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spent 5 hours making the face just right, stare at the back of the head for the next 95% of gameplay.

Or, in every bethesda game, ever, look like a pugs backside no matter what you do.

Holy shit!

I would be making characters for weeks lol
This character creator needs to be in like every RPG from now until the end of games. Somebody please make it so

I don't really care how my characters look like in single player, so I just random/use a preset, but I do try to create something nice for multiplayer games.

Finally! Wrestling games have had things like this for a while, I always wondered why other genres hasn't adopted the same sort of character creation systems.

Oh, you mean the look of the character. I thought it is about the statistics, skills and so on. Who cares for the look. But if the game has the options I can be working hours for creating a character with the right abilities. For pen&paper RPGs (no visual representation of your character at all) I often take days and scribble many papers to compare different character options. Sadly modern videogame RPGs have near to no option to customize the abilities of characters. Instead focusing on the look is - disappointing.

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