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Ouch so sorry to hear about you 8350!! Brings a tear to my eye!
My friend and I have very similiar builds, he has a 660 and a 4770k.
I have a 660 and 8350. I expected very similiar results and for the most part they are on par, but some games like Metro 2033 - my system honestly has noticeabably better performance.

While I do agree that Intel has a better CPU, don't dare discount the newer AMDs for gaming. You still get a pretty damn good bang for the buck.

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hinch said:
Ouch on the broken 8350.. Still, at least you didn't damage the motherboard.

And very nice build you've got there. If you have 3DMark, do post some benchmarks. Curious to see how an all AMD system performs.

On anther note planning to renew my PC as well. Just waiting on Intel for their Haswell refresh - 4790k (should be out soon), then higher end Maxwell for the graphics card. Already ordered my ram; 16gb 1866, (4x4GB) Patriot Viper 3 to go with it.

I'm waiting for high-end Maxwell too :) Should be sweet.

Personally I don't like AMD CPU's, way to slow.
If you went Intel you wouldn't have bent any pins, as the CPU's don't have any, you would have saved on power consumption and got more performance for relatively the same cost. :P

But I digress, it's a stupidly potent machine, so with that... Welcome to the PC gaming master race.
May all your games be good ones!

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Nice, but why spend as much on a tower as a CPU? You should have futureproofed that CPU with a couple levels higher up. Then again what do I know. I spent a lot on my CPU but after a couple years its crap anyway, while that case you got will still rock in two years.

i5-4*** actually has better benchmarks than FX-6300.

But still, FX-6300 is still a great budget build :)

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SGDreamer said:
i5-4*** actually has better benchmarks than FX-6300.

But still, FX-6300 is still a great budget build :)

Intel's Mid/Low-end processors are faster than AMD's high-end.
I would take an Intel Dual-Core over an AMD Quad-Core.

However, GPU's outstripped CPU's long long long long ago in terms of yearly performance increases, there seems to be a massive focus in reducing gaming CPU loads via Mantle, Direct X 12 and OpenGL improvements going forward.

The irony of it all though is that the 4 year old Phenom 2 x6 1090T is faster than the FX 6300 at the same clock, that's for sale today.

I have an FX 8320 in a second machine, I'm aware of how poor the FX chips really are, but with that in mind it does offer "Good enough" performance for most people and because they are heavily threaded they start to hold their own when running a heavily threaded game and say.. Xsplit in tandem, they just don't receive the same performance penalty.

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Welcome back to gaming. Admit it, there was a sense of superiority looking at that marvel of power after you built it :)

What games are you looking to play? I thoroughly recommend diablo 3 with reaper of souls, I'm addicted to it atm.

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Gratz on the build. Too bad you did not get the 8350 installed but good 2nd choice on the 6300.

Great build. Would have gone with a 4670k or 8350 though.

ghost_of_fazz said:
Nice build, but damn that's one bulky case... for my tastes, anyway :P

Do you have pics of your cable management? And how does that FX6300 compare against an i5? Because I'm planning to upgrade soon.

Yeah my case is less than half that size for no performance loss.  In fact the money saved by getting a cheaper case would have allowed an 8-core cpu... Just sayin.

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