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kirby007 said:
I'm not a fan of capt. A, but marvel is stepping up their game movies recently have been great, still having a inner debate

I'm glad Marvel are but I fear for Fox's take on X-men. While Spider-man is doing it's thing to a degree of ability for Columbia, I feel Fox has messed up X-men and tried to carry on with it regardless. X-men needs a reset more than Fantastic Four and Spider-man does. I wonder if X-men and FF were in Marvel hands what they could do with them.

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Winter soldier had some of the best fight/action sequences I've seen.

Was my favorite Marvel movie to date, maybe just behind Avengers, but thoroughly enjoyed it. Though whats going to happen in the Marvel universe next after what happens in that movie? particulary in the TV show

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From the worst to the best Marvel movie.

Makes me wonder if Warner had more guts what the next Green Lartern could have looked like.

The Fury said:

So, the movie is out and I saw it yesterday in 'preview' screenings (really just released on Wednesday here in the UK). I avoid spoilers for movies I know I'm going to see, this includes trailers. So I knew nothing of this film, other than the name and the fact Cap was in it. (Keep in mind that this is the case for all other Marvel films, I know very little so future spoilers for future films other than basics).

So what are your thoughts on this film?

I adored it. I think it was easily the best Marvel film to date (going back to Blade), having certain characters appear, well written and well placed within the story. It was excellently paced and tone was great. What I think was really good though is, for me at least, it felt like the first comic book film made in the recent 'Avengers set' that could easily have been pulled straight from a comic, while I feel other Marvel films have taken source material and changed and chopped them to make them fit. Fury was more like 616 than Ultimate in characterisation, ruthless and untrusting. Appearences made my fanboy innerself smile.

I'll see it again and recommend it to anyone wanting to just watch a great movie

Sorry but the movie was very average, there were only 3 entertaining parts in the movie, Fury escaping the police guys, Captain Average escaping shield building, and Falcon evading misiles.  

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petroleo said:

Sorry but the movie was very average, there were only 3 entertaining parts in the movie, Fury escaping the police guys, Captain Average escaping shield building, and Falcon evading misiles.  

Hey, no worries. Many might not like it as much as others but general concensus is good, really good. Those scenes were great mind you.

Hmm, pie.

Small bump to get you North American's opinions now it's out there.

Hmm, pie.

I went to the crew screening a week ago but also went yesterday to watch it a second time. I'd have to say it's the best marvel movie to date. The driving sequences are top notch. They were filmed by the same crew that did the driving sequences in the last fast & furious movies and are now working on the current fast movie. The other action sequences and fight scenes are phenomenal as well. The characters are all great. The only thing I didn't like was when the winter soldier/Bucky had to talk. It kind of took me out of that character a little bit. Captain America felt like a badass in this movie and so did black widow. It also felt very conclusive as a story yet setting up future stories that I am now more excited to see.

Pretty amazing.

It's miles better than the first Cap film, and in terms of storyline, I think it's the best one in the Marvel series. Really loved the espionage/political thriller theme, and I hope a few more superhero movies adopt this style. It had lots of suspense, twists, nice character development and great action sequences to make this film entertaining from start to finish. Also, Captain America's fighting style was awesome and made him look like a complete badass especially in the boat mission when he fought GSP. This is how Batman should have fought.

A few people on other sites have mentioned that this is how the MGS movie should be, and I did see the similarities between them. The boat mission = the tanker mission from MGS2.

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