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I think Evolution Studios could be in danger of being shut down IMO

Yeah they have to be the next to get "cuts". They missed the launch deadline and they still have no set release date. 


And 100MIL is A LOT to invest in a failed game. Sony must of had a lot of trust on this dude to let him throw away 100MIL.

It's an insame amount, christ think of what you could do with that 0_o.

Even in terms of video game budgest it's high.

What I don't understand (in business terms) is how do you let him reset the project so many times? It makes no business sense at all. 

and yes 100MIL is crazy high budget for a new IP

I have been on a game project reset 3 times (far far from 100 millions $, but still). I came to the project for the 3rd reset as a developer (some kind of "Obiwan, your are our only hope... and you have 1 month" mode). What happens is that you don't have so much people inside with experience enough to manage a project. That makes sense, because  you size your employees and skills for what you actually do. Also  the director has an excellent reputation of success, so it's hard to give the project to someone with less experience/reputation, and hard to think than with a demotivated team a new challenger will help. Because you lost so many money, you have even lesser time and money than the previous attempt... Then you face reality, close the project and give the the guy a lesser good position. Even Obiwan could not save it. Shit happen ;)

In short, in business term, you do with what you have, even if what you have already failed, because you don't have better to achieve the target.

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Dark_Feanor said:
Peter Dodd in full damage control.

He is just starting making shits up.

If he was any valuable insider he would have called even one of the departures and layoffs.

Pathetic, playing with people jobs and reputation just to praise a company, a company that in the last 2 years had layedoff almost 20k workers.

damage control??? everything he said made sense. you burn 100MIL and your project get canned. simple!

No, nothing he said makes any sense... 

And if he is a inserder he would have broke this "issues" a long time ago. 

But, no, he just missed every single one of the layoffs and any other.

Exactly ....if he's an insider why he didn't predict or say anything about the hundreds that was going to lose their jobs or the CEO leaving or the other numerous execs leaving also this is from a pro Sony website it's well known that dual shockers is bias playstation if you read their articles it always spin stories for Sony if you don't believe look on n4g and see how many favorable articles they write for playstation and always dogging Microsoft or nintendo ..they were the same ones saying japan didn't have any playstation stock which is why sales are low the first few weeks also that Sony is not in financial trouble etc ...if you think I'm lying check it yourself  also they always write favorable Sony playstation stories or spin the story so it favors a good outcome or explanation for Sony just like this article  ..if you don't believe watch the next article about anything positive written or favorable for Sony it's gonna be written by dual shockers ....stop entertaining rumors and so called insiders and state actual facts dual shockers it's never hardly any statement from companies always insiders or a rumor ....

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That's what i think too. If they had rebooted it three times it's certainly possible they could have hit that 75 million mark he mentioned. Still, as depressing as it is to hear they wasted all that money, it's good news to know that things aren't completely falling apart like some thought. SSM's simultaneous expansion and layoffs suddenly make a lot more sense, assuming this is all true.

I never bought into all the doom talk myself. If there's one thing I've learned on VGChartz, it's that objects are always less doomed than they appear. ;)

Haha, agreed xD I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the entire Doom 4 development team frequent the forums.

Rest of this thread in a nutshell.
non-sony fanboys - "damage control, bullshit, dont believe it"
sony fanboys - "makes sense, logical, i understand"

both sides have no idea what so ever and are basically letting their fanboy nature steer the ship.

Devs shifts from studios all the time. It's not the end of the world, some go some will come. when needed.
It's not 1 person leaving that will destroy a whole studio ~

And currently theres alot going indie because of the pressure of AAA, and the strains they're on leaving them feeling empty, because they can't express their creativity. So, if they're there unhappy, better leave to something they can be happy with.
Not exclusive only to Sony. Theres devs that work on major publsihers and franchises leaving quite often.

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The amount of press and credibility given to these "insiders" is ridiculous.

I'm not really here!

Link: Shipment History Since 1995

For all the people that is saying this is no big deal ...if nintendo of America president Reggie =(Tretton)...miyamoto (head of software )=(naughty dog)and Sakarai(smash bros )=uncharted (creative directors) all left nintendo within a month or two and they lay off massive amount of people (thousands ) in a short period of time would anyone really think things are ok for nintendo ( lets say during a successful moment like when the wii was released and just like how Sony playstation 4 is successful at the moment) so fanboys take of them glasses and be honest with yourselves and see there is a problem going on with Sony .....this is not a coincidence ....also Sony is projected to lose 1.3 billion as a company ...this is reality things are not going well for Sony this is not just some oh I have better job opportunity or I reached my highest point in the company now I wanna leave moment ...Sony is in trouble

You can bet once The Last Guardian has been released Team ico will be fired in the minute.

Well it makes sense, and the amount of money spent on this new IP could really be that high. Because it's said Stig started this new project immediately following after God of War 3 released, so in 2010, 4 years of developement, of a new IP and 3 times rebooted which can mean started from a blank page again each times. This must have cost a lot !

Now lets say the game was at best average, if you were Sony after all these expenditures you would probably still try to bring out the game, with not much marketing, in the hope to still sell a bit and recover a part of your money.
Could still have made decent sales because of the curiousity of people to try a new IP and there are still people not looking too much at the reviews before buying a game nowadays.
Instead of that, they purely canceled it and all this work probably goes in the trash. It really tells you how bad this game was and probably still not finished neither.
Rather than make the same mistake than with TLG and other projects that they probably should have stopped way earlier they prefered this option, no more risks.


The transition may be painful, but trimming the fat is the best thing Sony can do right now. In the short term they're suffering, in the long term they'll be better off.

This the ''good" side of what happen the other is Sony don't have money to support those studios and they afraid the lay off and leave before is too late My thougths was between of two of them. Whatever THE F... is going on, the piont is happen what i afraid less exclusives this year on Sony E3. How bad the Stigs game was? a third person shooter mmo style with aliens? and cost 100ml and cancel three times? wtf? if this is reall this can put all SSM studios in danger! Also for Amy was quiet obvious, leaving from a sucssesfull studio because you don't agree whith others but what really she want for uncharted to become? i say we have see so many uncharted games maybe is good to change and became more open world. The Guerilla Cambridge i agree is happen in every studio to try to make o Vita game thats why Vita don't has games this year lol .The Zipper was Sony fault because according with developers Sony was socom 4 to be like cod and screw the funs on socom 2