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Titanfall Coming to Wii U, to Release Alongside the Xbox 360 Version Rumor

According to various industry insiders and several of our sources, a Wii U port of the Microsoft exclusive game Titanfall is to be released on April 8th alongside the delayed release of the Xbox 360 version. Nintendo has paid a substantially large fee to EA to sway the mech-shooter over to the struggling platform but Nintendo believes that they would not only be able to satisfy the Nintendo faithful, but also draw some sales to the Wii U with a cheaper buy in cost than the Xbox One.

Bluepoint Games, the same developer of the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall, is responsible for the port and has been delaying the Xbox 360 version of the game by EA’s wishes so the two versions can launch side by side. There is still no word as to whether or not a PS4 version is on the way despite numerous claims that there will be no version for Sony’s system, but as Nintendo has been able to secure this title I see no reason why Sony cannot do the same. This agreement has been very hush-hush as part of the deal with EA to prevent a decline in sales of the Xbox One with only a handful of developers and executives in the know of this deal. EA is to make an announcement at the end of the month announcing the port for the Wii U.

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This seem very odd and ( very unlikey) But interesting nontheless. If this really happens, this could be the start of nintendo  trying to regain 3th party support. Something they should have been during back with the Wii.... What do you guys think?

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PS2 version on the way too my cousin told me why the hell not

Rafux said:
PS2 version on the way too my cousin told me why the hell not

I was expecting NES port.

Fake as Pamela Andersons's breasts.

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A little too early for April Fools mate.

Titanfall 2 WiiU exclusive confirmed.

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Well, maybe Titanfall 3 port is coming to WiiU 2 years after it has been released on PS4/XBone/PC.
I guess thats "more likely".^^ 0.00000000000001% instead of 0%^^

I will say that if the game actually did come to Wii U, I'd consider getting it.

if it really coming to U then the devs will fall.....wait! aint it microsoft exclusive?!