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Hmmm why is Rosalina consider a heavy character ....

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brawl4life said:
Hmmm why is Rosalina consider a heavy character ....

It's that Luma weighing her down.  That or her big ole ass.


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DMeisterJ said:
This thread is much smaller than the SSBB thread. But more copies of this game have been sold.


thats because Mario kart has like 100000 threads stickied for leagues, time trial, codes ect .

@ AMp , Rosalina guess your right forgot about that damn Luma with his annoying sounds .

brawl4life said:
Hmmm why is Rosalina consider a heavy character ....


 She choses to drive heavy karts/bikes.

Baby Mario can drive a car that is heavier than her lightest after all.

That is VGChartz LONGEST review. And it's NOT Cute Kitten DS

Hey guys, can someone tell me how I can join the leagues?

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brawl4life said:
Yay! god damnit finally got the damn 3 star ranking !!! Only took forever and almost all my hair gone from pulling it out but finally did it .


 I need to do that.. after I beat ToS. I have a 2 star overall but I have a lot of 3 star rankings. Hopefully it won't be too hard!

Soo...out of sheer curiosity how does one go about joining these here leagues?

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You know the drill if you add me pm your codes.

^ post in these threads, there are two popular ones going on now...

the American league and the European league

join the European league people, it only had 5 players tonight, and 4 of them had 3 stars and me with no stars, they whooped me good, so to make me look good again i beg all of you to join the league.

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