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How is a must own game of the 8th gen when it's playable on 7th gen and PC?

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Wighead said:
yvanjean said:

Just picked up my Xbox One Titan Fall Bundle. My local best buy received 24 of them today. 10 of them were sold while I was there.

Edited: Today will be a big day for Microsoft. They're going to sell a bunch of concoles. Very excited to go home tonight to play the first must own game of the 8th Generation. Sorry WiiU, Super Mario 3D World was very good, but it wasn't a must own game..... Please Understand.

Well isn't hard to say that titanfall is a must own game when you haven't played it yet? I hope you're right, but I'll wait a bit and see before putting all that money for yet another FPS. And I'll do so while playing SM3DW with my family as it is a must play/own title for them...

It's true that I haven't played it but the game did get me to pay $600 just so I get to experience this game today. 

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Hibern81 said:
yvanjean said:
Jazz2K said:
Congrats... but why apologize? Did you have to sell your WiiU?

Don't get me wrong I own a WiiU but it's a 7th Generation console with a gamepad.

That's funny. I don't remember playing Nintendo games in HD in the 7th gen.

Are you sure?

Isn't the WiiU the 7th gen console edging out the PS3 and Xbox 360 in term of Graphic. Because we all know the Wii was definetly a 6th gen console capable of doing much better graphic then the competion could on the Xbox and PS2. Please Understand!

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You're getting closer to next-gen, I'll give you that.

Congrats on your purchase. Now please don't show any happiness for owning one. You'll muck up the mood around here....


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You worked for your money, spend it how you like.

Good job. Its the games that count and thus far, Titanfall is the best game released for next gen consoles.

I think you will be happy. Enjoy all the great games !



It's certainly the most cinematic experience on next gen to date.

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