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Score on Metacritc

60-65 6 3.26%
65-70 1 0.54%
70-75 3 1.63%
75-80 10 5.43%
80-85 39 21.20%
85-90 86 46.74%
90-95 39 21.20%

Guessing 85-90.

As someone who has only played Dark Souls, I kinda wish they had continued on the Souls series by using a different D word, or even something completely different. Dark Souls 2 feels a mite derivative coming off of Demon Souls, and I expect that "this is kinda derivative" feel might be in the back of some reviewer's minds.

Yes, titles are that important.

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85, the visual downgrade is going to bite 'em hard.

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92 on metacritic thus far. Will the series staple 89 come true once more?

This month is a pain for me!!! Dark souls 2, InFamous, South park, MGSV. So many good games releasing in such a short amount of time.

Right now 91, on pair with my predictions and can go higher!

...Let the Sony Domination continue with the PS4...
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91, lol at people who voted this masterpiece low.