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A certain member is looking for assistance with a recent issue.  This is what he had to say.  

My symptoms are really weird: It started with me waking up after sex with girl #3. I have had two prior unprotected BJs like 2 and 3 days ago. I woke up and everything seems fine although I can tell the tip of my penis (meatus, the uethra opening) is somewhat tender. As I head out and start walking with my swimming shorts (made out of fishnets on the inside you know). IT starts to rub against the tip and really really irritate it. IT starts to become painful. When I get home, I feel such a relief upon removing them. I am circumsized so no foreskin to protect the tip from touching the clothes.

My meatus has been inflamed and the opening is much larger. Its somewhat red and I feel like I can see the fucking opening tube where piss/cum comes from (uethra). I try to piss that whole day but I canot squeeze anything out. Its not so much the pain when pissing but I just seem unable to do it for either mental scary reasons or just.. I dunno. I remember being afraid that I was going to be unable to pee so I would pee *inside* my body (if thats even possible) lol.

It leaks some white liquid as well (pre-cum looking).

My uncle gets me some Zithromax 250 mg. Readng the prescription and it says for STDs such as Chlam or Gonorrea, they recommend 1000 mg at one go. Stupid as I might be, I take 500 mg over the course of 3 days.

First day when I wake up, there's yelow liquid discharge dripping from the tip of my penis and I had to work to open the meatus opening because its almost as if its been glued together. I successfully open it and after wiping away that yellow shit, I can also piss without too much difficulty even if the uethra feels odd. No pain really just an odd sensation.

From there on the meatus head slowly improves. I go back on day 3 and get another ZIthromax. This time taking the full 1000 mg single dose. Everytime I walk, my penis is still annoyed and somewhat hurting when it touches my clothes. I visit a local doctor there who wants to inject a 1000 mg shot of cy-something inside my dick. As terrified as I am, I decide to wait it out until I get back to Sweden rather than take a needle. I am given some oinment cream called Bactex Mupirocin Ointment which I apply 2-3 times per day on the opening.

On like day 5-6, the opening is somewhat looking normal almost. The tip is not as itchy/inflamed. Prior you could like feel it throbbing but now its much better. I come back home and turns out the STD places are not open until Monday so I just gotta wait...

But my penis is far from normal. It feels as if it has a fever. The uethra still feels very odd. I fell asleep with the condom on the morning that I got this and I wonder if that maybe did something. The lower part of the tip/opening/meatus is like swollen as if it has an under-lip. Its hard to spot unless you use a flashlight and look close (I usually film it with my iphone). Its still somewhat annoying when coming in contact with clothes. It feels as if it has stopped at this stage and it is not getting better nor worse. Its very annoying.

I've looked at symptoms for most STD and I guess the possibilities are Chlamydia, Gonorroea, Uethris either with Gonorrea or Non Gonorrea. Or just generally Urinary tract infection. I really dont know because my symptoms are odd. I dont have any pain in my balls, prostate nor does it burn to piss. My meatus is just inflamed/swollen and it feels like my penis has fever.

I also pissed a lot as of late but prior I was only able to piss little at a time. Now I piss a lot so thats no longer an issue. Yet today I went to the toilet like once per hour for 5 times. Generally I go like once or twice per day so that was weird. I also have fapped to ejaculate and that works too. But the semen in the tip is like coming a bit afterwards. Basically: when I finish, I wait a bit and wipe for like 2 minutes. Its as if not quite everything gets pushed out when cumming and theres some tiny bit left. Helps to usually piss after.

When I cum though, it feels much stronger especially the first few times. Its as if I have regained some sensitivity from my meatus since I know those who are uncircumsized, are very sensitive and their foreskin protects the tip from clothes. But me being circumsized, I have developed a less sensitive skin. Yet now, its as if its somehow gone back to being sensitive. Really weird.

I dont know if its related but my tongue has a somewhat yellow layer on the back with like 2 red bumps at the far end (very hard to see). Noticed it last night.

I have looked for herpes ..dots or you know blisters. I cant really find shit nor does my penis have anything visible otherwise. Im really worried but at the same time I feel like it could have been far worse.I just hope I can go back to how it was but my mind is starting to try and accept that it may be irreversible.


Do we have any doctors in here?  

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6 days? it's over.. that penis is lost..


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Honestly go to the doctor, my friend once had those symptoms, wasn't pretty what the doc said.


I think Slimebeast is a doc. Maybe PM to ask him if he is and then for a diagnosis. But I'm not sure if this his field of health.

Pezus is a doctor, ask him ;o


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I will read this and give my thoughts tomorrow. Going to sleep now. Go see a doc!

the-pi-guy said:

A certain member is looking for assistance with a recent issue.  This is what he had to say.  

btw.. is it Spurgeonryan?


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NiKKoM said:
the-pi-guy said:

A certain member is looking for assistance with a recent issue.  This is what he had to say.  

btw.. is it Spurgeonryan?

Sadly no.

lol I like that this thread was made.

could just be a bug bite


Uhh do you know if the chick who sucked it was std free?