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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The 13th polygon supercell Theory

I may have quite possibly discovered something revolutionary. If you combine a 373 cpu dual core (quad core x14) with a neo radion-nvidia Tri processor and you set the fre-framerate to match the clockspeed of a x94 trait based bit runner system (obviously NOT the 18374b model LOL!) then you may, in fact, establish a 13 polygon supercell structured failproof version of the stereostipcal 3rd dimension; otherwise known as the fifth dimension, which is considerably more indepth (roughly 1,117% more than the fourth dimension) in comparison to previous unlocked dimensions. I haven't tested this physically yet, only theoretically. Your thoughts?

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Slimebeast said:

Mushrooms, of course.

To OP: IDK, since you haven't tested it physically.


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