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Helped by the launch in Japan, PS4 is now #1 of the 8th gen consoles, after only 3 months on the market. How do you feel about this? 

Of course you're happy! We're all happy! And since we're all very very happy, let us celebrate together. We can do it here in this very thread, or you can do it alone at home, with friends, with your consoles or however you like!

In case you're not happy (Why wouldn't you? We're all happy!), put on a fake smile, move your hands up and down a bit, maybe swing your body in tune with a random R&B song and pretend you're very, very happy like the rest of us. 


Let us be happy together that PS4 has been crowned King

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While the PS4 being the 8th gen home console leader is wonderful, my only king is here:

YES !!!!

kowenicki !!!! sales2099 !!! selnor !!! zero999 lets all give hands and dance !!!

Lets do the dance victory !!!

more !!!


DerNebel said:

i love dimitri !!!


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What? Where was the WiiU's party?

Ok ok I will join the party for once.


You've been waiting many years to post this thread, haven't you?

Ya, party!

Did we ever had a 3ds party for when the 3ds was was the king of the handhelds? If not then I call favoritism!

But its ok, I will sleep happy knowning that wii play sold more than uncharted fanchise and the last of us put together


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