Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is the reason people are jumping on the PS4 hype train because 360 and Wii disappointed so much last gen?

I think OP is on to something.

"These are the highest quality pixels that anybody has seen"

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The games list is the reason, if all you want to play is COD and shooters like Halo then the Xbox 360 had you covered. But if you wanted a huge variety of games and some blockbuster exclusives like TLOU, God Of War, Metal Gear Solid 4, Heavy Rain, and others that aren't shooters, PS3 was your console.

In addition to this Sony still supports the PS3 whereas Xbox stopped making good 360 games years ago and spent lots of time making Kinect games that not many people wanted to play. People remember that now in the current 8th Gen.

Plus PS+ walks all over Live Gold in terms of value.

Then there's higher specs/resolutions on games for a lower price.

As you see this list could go on for days...

The only group that can be counted on to consistently buy new hardware generation after generation are gamers. This is the group Sony went after first and foremost.

Nintendo strayed first and it paid huge dividends for them in the short term. However, their new audience had zero loyalty to the brand was not interested in upgrading.

Microsoft strayed with Kinect and ran into the same situation as Nintendo. They also strayed with their reveal by focusing heavily on television capability.

Sony made PS3 gamers happy run through the end of last generation and they began this generation by focusing on that same demographic. They did the best job (or least worst job) of convincing gamers that they are the priority. This instilled product confidence.

Placing your core audience first leads to steady support. Going after other audiences might produce spectacular results if you can get a hit but it can also backfire and leave you playing catch-up.

I agree that Nintendo's and Microsoft made mistakes but every much disagree the PS4's success thus far is only because of competitor's mistakes. Sony got a bunch of things right.

Gamers have spoken. They don't need gimmicks... packed in and forced to buy gimmicks. The Wii U game pad and Kinect 2 are simply gimmicks that consumers don't won't to buy. They add very little if nothing at all

Sony simply had a better plan and executed it better then Nintendo or Microsoft.

Also Playstation being way bigger brands then Nintendo or Xbox helps.

Sony had a plan inline with what gamers wanted. Simply to see why PS4 is success

CDiablo said:
I dont think its hype as much as price point. X1 will sell a ton once its $400 as well. PS3 sales went up quite a bit at that point as well as 360(the 60 or 120gb console, people didnt really want the arcade @400). The people buying 4 @$400 are likely the same group that bought the 3 at that point.

As you are  referencing from the US (N.American) point of view that can make sense. In the major mainland Euro zones where the Xbox One has been launched this falls apart. The X1 price is being cut to equal or below the PS4 and it still sells poorly. Check the Amazon prices on the European markets.

The PS3 was launched a US$599.00  seven years ago.

OT: I really doubt anyone can say the X360 was a disappointment. If you owned one I really don't see how you could have been disappointed. It gave you brilliant exclusive and 3rd party games. On the other hand the Wii was a third-party disaster when it came to AAA non-exclusive titles.

Fanboys (generally speaking) like to think everyone is like them. You buy into a brand and you stick with it. The truth is the majority of people are more intelligent than that.

For me Sony just produced the best presentation of their console and people not dumbed in brand loyalty went with this presentation.



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People were disappointed in Wii's third party support and SD visuals which gave it an image as a "not as good as PS360" system. Wii U inherited the Wii name and image. XBOne is too expensive. Thus, PS4 is selling like hotcakes.

vivster said:
People are jumping on the hype train because PS3 was disappointing last gen, making it the underdog. People love underdogs.

 PS3 dissappointing in what regard? I seriously eveybody who's purchased a PS4 has only done so out of sheer pity. That's just asenine.

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spurgeonryan said:

I can only imagine that people were really unhappy with both the 360 and Wii last gen. So people want the sure thing this time around. They had it with the PS2, but Microsoft and Nintendo marketing strategies somehow got them to "try" new things.

Well they are done trying new things and are going back to the king. Am I right?

 Being cheaper helps a lot as well....

 Plus as this last generation ended, which system had the most hype going for it? PS3. Last of Us was on everyones radar, whether they bought it or not. People saw the greatness of what the PS3  was, saw that they mostly missed it because they were playing Halo, CoD, and Gears on 360 and ....k....umm...Kirby's Epic Yarn, Endless ocean, and other shovelware treasures on the Wii ( Im just playing...and Mario).

No more mistakes! Am I right everyone?

All told the Xbox 360 has arguably the greatest games library of any console outside of the PS2 - certainly (more than) a match for the PS3's.

Given that even someone without a bent towards shooters and WRPGs could see this even if the library wasn't their thing, its pretty natural to assume this is a troll thread.

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DialgaMarine said:
vivster said:
People are jumping on the hype train because PS3 was disappointing last gen, making it the underdog. People love underdogs.

 PS3 dissappointing in what regard? I seriously eveybody who's purchased a PS4 has only done so out of sheer pity. That's just asenine.

Not pitty, frustration.

Just imagine your favorite sports team. It was once great but now it almost loses all the games and going down multiple leagues. But suddenly they've found the steroids in the basement and are climbing up again. Not only reaching top league but also winning it in every regard. Suddenly all the old fans are back again and it is so much more satisfying to celebrate a team that was once down and is now kicking the asses of its oppressors. It's your regular hero story ;)

Read my above post to see why I think the PS3 was a big disappointment.

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mmm, interesting and plausible reasons you got there OP.