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Did you play the Xbox One Titanfall Beta?

Yes, it rocks! 69 51.11%
No,I havenīt. 66 48.89%

I agree it is a great FPS with tons of fun.

 Nothing "revolutionary" or "game changer" like some are saying... most of ideias are copied and mixed very well... it is a really good work.

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Too bad it's not on ps4, the potential of having COD type sales is gone due to releasing on less platform, as a result, limiting the awareness of the game.

Seems to get a lot of hate, but if I had an xbone, I'd probably buy it. Seen streams and it looks awesome.


It's fun, but i'll dont buy it for more than 40€ , this is the kind of game getting you bored quickly, especially when there is not enough content.

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It will be a sensation. Remember Call of Duty Modern Warfare back in 2007? That kind of sensation. We will be talking about online gaming "before Titanfall" and "after Titanfall".

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Its going to have the same impact as Halo 3 and COD 4. Amazing game.

Cool. I'm still not sure if I'll get it since it hasn't really appealed to me but since I have 2 years of Gold, I might as well...


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Here are the developers talking about the AI:


Respawn: So the AI stuff is something that we’ve really been passionate about talking about, because it’s such an integral part of the game. AI can refer to four different things:

You have the Marvins, they are like the handyman of the universe. They’re not worth killing. They’re kind of sweet, and you’re kind of a jerk if you sit around shooting them. They’re there for some flavor.

Then you have Grunts. Grunts are your sort’ve standard military cohorts. You’ll see them rappelling in from helicopters, and they’ll assist you on the battlefield. They’re rushing into points. They follow the flow of battles. They can also help you find where there are enemy soldiers and enemy Titans. They’re not very dangerous – maybe if you had lost a lot damage and one of them hit you, yeah they could kill you.

Jeff Rubenstein, Xbox: I was killed by one.

Abbie Heppe, Respawn: Yeah, it happens. But in general, they’re there not only to help newer players feel like they’re accomplishing something and getting a bunch of kills, but they also provide the sort’ve humorous element to the world. They will talk to each other, they will melee each other, they will drag their buddies behind cover. They will be like ‘oh, there’s a Pilot coming through.’ ‘I don’t see what the big deal about Pilots is anyway.’ So you should eavesdrop on them, because it’s kind of funny.

But they’re human, and they don’t move like Pilots do, and you’re very much more powerful than they are, and they do make the world feel really alive. There’s some more high-level tactics: for example, if I’m going into a hardpoint, sometimes I’ll let the AI rush in first. I’ll wait for the guy who’s upstairs waiting there to hit them, see where he’s at and take him out myself because he thinks I’m one of the dudes running up. So they can be used to your advantage, even if you’re a stronger player.

Then there’s Spectres. Spectres are much tougher, much more dangerous. You can hack them to turn them to your side with the Data Knife. They’re way more powerful, way more deadly, and they also move differently. They can jump up multiple stories. So sometimes you’ll catch one out of the corner of your eye, you’ll think it’s a Pilot. They’re way more mobile and scarier.

The fourth AI is the Titan. When you’re not in the Titan, you can have it follow you around the map, you can guard where you are and it will fight other Titans for you. It will grunts for you, it will take out Pilots for you, and it’s really satisfying when you’re doing your own thing on the map, and you’re racking up kills because your Titan is doing really well.

So AI is really more than soldiers running around. It’s a really integral part of what Titanfall does.

I'm loving Titanfall so far personally.

I was a bit harsh with the 6 on 6 announcement but I was wrong, it was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed myself this weekend. The finding of 15 maps on launch would be an awesome start if they are as well designed as the 2 maps on the beta.