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TheSting said:
Figgycal said:

This thread should be closed. He asked for the gaf thread to be closed as well. Famousmortimer himself denied that the rumor wa true -- it was apparently a joke:

Why would you start this bullshit on the internet? If you think this guy does not have an agenda then you are crazy.

It's sad people still take him seriously. Some just cling on to what they want to believe.

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Japans struggling Electronics Giant Sony's sold it's PlayStation Division to British Billionaire Sir Richard Branson who's hoping to find the right Platform for his "a World of my own (AWOMO)" Project.
Kaz Hirai statet in a first Interview to KYODO that he's excited to know that the PlayStation Brand's been layed in Good Hands.
Branson's excited as well. From now on the New VirginStation will be a Platform for Gamers and People with Responsibility for the Environment. Every Single sold Console, sold after The First of July Supports Branson's Shark Project Offshore Costa Rica.

Well this is possible and makes me wonder why so many people (Including me) thought it would be Samsung or someone else who would buy Xbox. It is so obvious! Amazon wants in on the gaming market.

Honestly if I was Sony I would not want this to happen. Amazon is competent!

I don't see it. Suppose Amazon took the gaming division and had huge success with it. MS would never forgive themselves for selling off the one division that was actually doing fairly well (compared to their mediocre marketshare in smartphones and tablets).

And look how many people actually believe this is a possibility. Says everything.

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selnor1983 said:
And look how many people actually believe this is a possibility. Says everything.

What does it say?

kowenicki said:
Mr Khan said:
Amazon's certainly been positioning themselves in that direction lately, while Microsoft begins to care less.

It would be interesting to see what the leadership transition would do, especially if it occurs mid-gen.

can I have a list of your evidence for this please?

You and Carl are right, i was basing that off of premature assumptions that there is going to be a paradigm shift in Microsoft's strategy post-Ballmer. I for one should know better than to listen to the grumblings of activist investors as any indication that a company is actually going to do anything.

My bad!

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selnor1983 said:
And look how many people actually believe this is a possibility. Says everything.

Explain please. 

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

Ajax said:
vivster said:

Amazon is the only company besides google and apple able to pull it off. Not because of money but the massive media industry behind them.

For example Samsung couldn't do it.

Samsung not?

Of course Samsung can.

Samsung is the main factor of Sony's downfall of the last 10 years. Samsung has been doping everything right what Sony has done wrong. Underestimating Samsung is what Sony probably has done. Samsung has overstaken Sony years ago.

You didn't read my post.

Samsung may have outdone Sony in everything hardware but it has absolutely nothing against Sony's content empire. It didn't even keep its own mobile OS. A game console is a multimedia device that needs to be supplied with exclusive content. Samsung has nothing in that regard and would have to shell out A LOT to establish something that wouldn't even come close to Sony's empire. Not to say anything about the missing server infrastructure and experience in the field.

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The problem with ms right now is management, different divisions fighting and hiding different things form each other, windows 8 was a perfect example of this as the dept head refused to share information on the product with other divisions. Xbox right now is no different, bad managers create bad working environments, which create bad products. Xbox itself isnt bad but the price, anti gamer mentality, and endless desire to integrate everything into everything else is all a product of bad management and heads need to start rolling.