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Forums - Website Topics - Important announcement regarding NPD and VG Chartz

Sounds like a nice deal for you ioi, congratulations!


Edit: Btw, sales on Vgcharts reflect more than only US data right? So maybe you should take away that US flag and also change the name so it becomes more clearly which area it exactly include. 

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Excellent, everything is falling into place


Predictions:Sales of Wii Fit will surpass the combined sales of the Grand Theft Auto franchiseLifetime sales of Wii will surpass the combined sales of the entire Playstation family of consoles by 12/31/2015 Wii hardware sales will surpass the total hardware sales of the PS2 by 12/31/2010 Wii will have 50% marketshare or more by the end of 2008 (I was wrong!!  It was a little over 48% only)Wii will surpass 45 Million in lifetime sales by the end of 2008 (I was wrong!!  Nintendo Financials showed it fell slightly short of 45 million shipped by end of 2008)Wii will surpass 80 Million in lifetime sales by the end of 2009 (I was wrong!! Wii didn't even get to 70 Million)

This is a very good news.... Oficial Numbers!!!

good job ioi !!!

Ηοpefully being close to the subject, why the "Totals" for America have been removed..?

Will they resurface again?

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That's great. Well done. Does this mean the restoration of the historical NA or US data? And does this mean all the data we are used to being there (i.e. all the games, console hardware numbers etc.) Congratulations again

p.s. I agree with NPD for different reasons it would be good to have sources clear... e.g. VGC NA charts week ending ... NPD US charts month ending ...

HOLY CRAP!!! YES!!! THAT IS F'ING AWESOME!!! But really. That is good news and should make your site a little easier as well as more respected.

I wait that they correct the total numbers of America… Because in some sites, that inform the official numbers of NPD GROUP and Xbox 360 did not arrive nor the 5,5 million… E already passed here of the 6 million. They correct this.

Awesome, sounds like good news!