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Which version should I get?

Save up and buy the XBone bundle 59 21.93%
Buy the 360 version 46 17.10%
Screw both! Wait for PS4 lol 120 44.61%
Wii-U? 44 16.36%
think-man said:

Just buy it on PC if that's the only game you want.

 I live in a barracks room. A TV + 1 video console is pushing the ammount of space I have available to myself, let alone a gaming rig. 

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It's EA. I know that everyone and their mother is hyped for this game but it's still EA. The same people who published SimCity and Battlefield 4. I can't believe people have already forgotten how broken their games can be. I know a lot of people are defending this simply because it's an Xbox One exclusive. That doesn't mean it's great. That just means that EA took Microsoft's money.

That being said, I'm not into online shooter, so what do I know? I would buy the 360 version. $60 is not that much. Maybe see what people are saying after the beta starts Feb. 14.

At the very least, consider the 360 if the reviews are good.

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"Screw both! Wait for PS4 lol"

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I personally would buy a WiiU and wait for Titanfall Lite:WiiU edition.

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All FPSs are the same, buy it for Dead Rising 3 =D

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First, it will not be graphically the same as the 360, thats just more neogaf crap.

Second, titanfall is probably going to be the best mp game of the gen, replacing cod from last gen.

500 is way to much for one game. If space is an issue with building a pc, Why don't you look into a steam machine. you'll have to dual boot. But you'll also have access to an almost limitless supple of games for dirt cheap.

Even if Titanfall was only on Xbox One I would still advise to just wait on it.

Microsoft loves to make cool looking system bundles (not all of them are great I'll admit ... COD MW3 dull grey 360 for example). Chances are there will be one for Halo 5 or some other game.

No console is worth owning for just one game ... maybe if your favorite game series of all time is exclusive to it or something, but nobody can say that of Titanfall since none of us have played it yet.

For example, I didn't just buy my PS4 to play a shiny next gen version of Battlefield 4 ... I got it for Infamous SS, Order and the dozens of indie games that interest me (Outlast, Octodad, The Witness, etc.). Also, it was a way for me to get more trophies since I like collecting them (same reason why the Vita was an easy purchase for me).

$560 just to play one game just seems wasteful to me.

Oh please, stop with this threads already.
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