Do You Prefer Physical Or Digital Games?

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So... Physical Or Digital?

Physical 172 78.54%
Digital 32 14.61%
What Are Games? 15 6.85%

So which one do you prefer? 

Personally I like physical copies, I've always tried (unless it's only digital) to have hard copies to add to my collection.

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on portables, because of the very own nature of them i prefer digital over retail

home consoles ALWAYS physical retail collectors ed. if possible

Physical all the way unless digital has something intriguing such as costing cheaper or coming out 2 weeks early... I just like having the box art and the physical copy of the games


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Steam for digital games.
Consoles for physical copies.

Physical, always. Boxes are awesome, and I can sell a game years later if I do not want it anymore.

Manuals used to be nice, too...

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Physical unless it is only digital.

Digital as i dont re sell very often, but physical for price every time at the moment.

Physical unless the digital version is super cheap or the game is only available in digital form.

Would like to go 100% digital but on the psvita the memory cards prevents me from doing it(great prices on the PS store) and on the PS4/PS3 it's the prices that are too much on the games.

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High pricing - Physical.
Cheap pricing - Don't care either way.

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