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Ninestation 14 16.28%
Playtendo 30 34.88%
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You know, with the recent talks of Nintendo being up for acquisitions and mergers, I was thinking about the concept of Nintendo and Sony joining forces, like they were supposed to back in the day. This is a question purely from a gaming perspective and NOT financial.

I think Sony's excellent hardware making capabilities joined with Nintendo's innovations would lead to an amazing box. Add on top of that Sony's ability to make games for a wide range of audiences and Nintendo's ability to make pretty much the best games in the market would lead to a fantastic first party. Finally, 3rd party support would drive the console to world domination.

I feel like Nintendo and Sony would pretty much cover each other's weakness, leading to an insane hardware+software combo. What do you guys think? Yay or Nay? And why? Please don't say competition is good because other companies can provide competition. This is strictly Sony+Nintendo.


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Is there any reason to say "Nay" to this?

Sony: We have to make a powerful console

Nintendo: No we have to sacraice power in order to innovate

Ends in bloody and brutal arguement that ends with the annihilation of both companies.

Nintendo's games on Sony's hardware? Sounds like the greatest thing ever.

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No, Not ever.

Playstation brand has always pushed innovation in hardware and has always tried to bring the most unique and varied New IP's to their playstation consoles. Add to that that prices of games are reduced in a timely manner.

Nintendo has lacked in these 2 aries for many many years now.

This kind of merger would hold Sony back and drive gaming into a stale ( same old same old ) routine.

Sorry, but no way.

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That would be awesome.

They tried, it didn't work out

Nothing to see here, move along

Could certainly be possible since they're both japanese, but I don't think the shareholders would want to merge with Sony right now since their prospects and finances are bad.


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Sounds amazing, I would love to play inFamous: Second Son on my Wii U.

Naughty Dog's hardware prowess, Nintendo EAD's taste for gameplay...
Sucker Punch's open world mechanics (ok, ok, it's just awesome parkour and quick travel )+Zelda team
Evolution Studios making F-Zero
Japan Studio+Retro Studios...

..................let me dream.