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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - 4.1 — Nintendo's number to remember

"4.1?" you ask?

"What's that?" asks you?

"4.1" is the numeral in front of the word "million" that Nintendo will end up producing for Wiis per month worldwide within this year.

After Nintendo's 2008 fiscal year ends March 31, 2008, Nintendo will announce their first new fiscal year production projection which we will be announced to the public through the fiscal report in April.

This figure or its quarterly revisions will be able to be broken up into 12 pieces which will most likely see 4.1 million per month as the quotient.

When April starts, Nintendo's plans to boost production will begin.

This will usher in the mind-blowing totals which will put Nintendo at the 60 million mark towards the end of the year.

Wii frenzy has just begun and with Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wii Fit, and Mario Kart Wii on the horizon, Nintendo wants to have a base strong enough to enable more game buyings.

To see Wiis in stores easier will compel greater console buy up and sales potential of the software grows in flared projection on the graph.

This number has been in my head since January and I debated upon documenting it but it keeps flashing in my mind so I can no longer ignore it. And best to put it down now before April gets here.

4.1 million.


Four million one hundred thousand of Wiis produced worldwide per month from April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009, Nintendo's 2009 fiscal year.

Four point one million per month is the number.

John Lucas

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SO your expecting the wii to sell its entire install base times 2 by the end of 2008?

Sorry mate, not going to happen.


 2008 end of year predictions:

PS3: 22M

360: 25M

wii: 40M

They're not going to increase it by that much all at once

After Nintendo's 2007 fiscal year ends March 31, 2008

4,100,000 you say? i say : HUH?

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It can't be true, but johnlucas said it...
I must believe!!!!




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Did you had one of those prophetic dreams JL? It will be interesting to watch.

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I.. I have a vision.
I must share it with you...
The... the opening week sales of Brawl in the Americas...
will... be...
one million one hundred and seventy-six thousand nine hundred and forty-three units...
It is inscribed on my heart... I had to tell you before it was too late...
perhaps it was already... goodbye forever... 1176943





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Umm... can you back that up with some evidence? Or are you just pulling that number out of thin air?

Upping production by 2.3 when they've had a whole year to do that? Well, we'll see. But right now, I'm labeling the sixty million in 08, and the 4.1 million thing as false.

Tsst, when they add China, South Korea and India to the list it'll be 4.3 million. Underpredicting stuff... tstst.

Seriously, I think 4.1 a month is possible, maybe even 4.3. This would mean... PS2 overtake end 2009/begin 2010. Extremely fast.

Heh, the usual reactions to a John Lucas prediction, I see. Disbelief, skepticism, mockery, yet no constructive criticism to speak of.

I don't see Nintendo being quite that bold, to be honest; it goes against their conservative nature. However, 2007 showed that they can and will up production more than once per year. Being at 4.1mil a month by August is quite possible. They know they're far under demand and have plenty of wiggle room to increase it, so I can definitely see them reaching that milestone as long as they're convinced demand's not drying up any time soon. My estimate lies closer to about 3 million a month come April. When they see demand is still not getting met at that quantity, they'll up it again for August, likely to your predicted quantity (or possibly even slightly more).

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