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If he really is serious about it, I wonder what they´ll do in the short term and mid term.

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Why is everyone talking about the 3DS in a negative light as well, am I missing something?

It was the top selling video game console of the 2013 Christmas Season right? Am I wrong? Sure they lowered projections on it, but certainly not to the Degree of the WiiU's adjustment, and I would hardly called the path it's on a negative one, or an unprofitable one.


EDIT: Although yes the company is surely in trouble from the looks of things, I'm simply saying that it is much more a result of the WiiU's poor performance, than the 3DS underperforming.




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I think he's part of the problem. One failed launch (3DS). Okay, and it recovered. But two is unacceptable, and the Wii U hasn't recovered, not nearly enough. He keeps apologizing and saying he learns from his mistakes, but he never does. If he's not fired, then keep him on a tight leash and decrease his authority.

softcoregamer82 said:
 If he's not fired, then keep him on a tight leash and decrease his authority.

This sounds resonable, but as business goes, the shareholders are certainly not pleased, and probabaly want a new face to take the helm of Nintendo for share prices to rise. I have a strange feeling that this may be the begginning, (Or maybe the middle) of the end of Iwata.




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Please understand.


Not much they can really do by chaning management at this point.  Whatever games are going to sell the Wii U need to be in development by now, and whatever deals need to be made need to have been made.  The only real room they have to change is with regards to their ad campaign.

Basically, the Wii U is going to survive or fail based on Iwata's plans.  If a new guy comes in now, what is he supposed to do?  Beef up the hardware through magic for third party support?  Singlehandedly get the next killer app out by next Christmas?  They're going to be stuck with the situation Iwata created.

So, there basically should be a ticking clock policy in effect.  Iwata should have until this time next year.  Sales pick up and profits are high, he stays.  If that's not the case, then he needs to leave, and the next guy has to come in with his focus purely on the generation after.

Delaying games and kill any momentum to give more "quality" to the niche and port games was a wise decision, Iwata. It surely was.

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They need some new blood in there to shake things up. He needs to step down and allow some fresh ideas to push Nintendo forward. I no longer trust Iwata to get the job done.

All he really needs to focus on (to stop the bleeding and not rely on Abenomics to keep technical profits) is cost containment: get Wii U manufacturing costs down and keep the games sensible (though it seems that the second point is already in play, outside of maybe the Platinum-developed games and possibly their Zelda project)

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