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1080p 158 30.80%
60fps 289 56.34%
Results 65 12.67%

A lock 30 or 60 fps is all I need, lead to a tighter gameplay experience.

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SvennoJ said:
Salnax said:
Assuming 720p and 30 FPS is the default, 60 FPS. Because while both 720 and 1080 will look bad in ten or twenty years when 4k is the standard definition, 60 FPS is always going to look good.

60fps, still looking good?
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That game would still look like shit at 4K and 240 fps.

Atleast try to find a decent looking game that runs at 60 fps. Like this...

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NYCrysis said:
disolitude said:
NYCrysis said:
disolitude said:

I've been gaming on PCs for well over a decade and have 3X 1080p monitors in Nvidia surround resolution of 5980x1080p (bezel corrected 5760x1080). I also have a 120 hz monitor which I give a go from time to time.

At these resolutions gaming becomes a game of trade-offs.

Do I want full rez and 60 fps (or even 120)? Well I have to lower the game details and AA.

Do I want all details and AA turned on? I may lower the resolution to do so...

Does anyone ever want a dipping stuttering frame rate? No they dont... So don't give me the BS that variable frame rate is an OK tradeoff as long as resolution and details are high.

Well i keep all my pc games vsynced on my 120hz monitor with my pc specs being a 570 and a i5 4670k @4.1. And playing bf4 maxed at 1080p 2xaa (I think) with vsync has much less input lag than a 30fps game on the ps3 like bf3 and feels much closer to 60fps and I know for a fact that bf4 doesnt run 60fps with my specs. Again maybe its not unlocked but i get much less input lag. And knack and killzone shadowfall sp are both 1080p with an unlocked framerate and I also have much less input lag than a 30fps game from the ps3 or even dead rising 3 without any screen tearing. I like that more than I do 60fps and a lower resolution.

With PC's you have the flexibility to adjust these settings and get FPS between 30 and 60 which is why your situation above works. With consoles, it is usually locked and you get an option for one or the other.

Lets put it this way:

Would I go down to 720p if someone promissed me minimum 30FPS or higher at 1080p? Probably not...

Would I go down to 720p if someone promissed me locked 60fps vs locked 30fps on 1080p? Absolutely...

720p may look slightly worse but doubling the frame rate affects the visuals just as much and improves the overall gameplay experience.

But explain killzone shadowfall running with an unlocked framerate with no problems with screen tearing and much less input lag than a locked 30fps game.

My guess is that Killzone is running mostly @ 60 fps with a few dips in to 30 fps territory when action gets really hectic which are masked with various effects and slow-mo effects.

I really don't know as I haven't played it yet. Console games obviously get more optimized to eliminate things like input lag and tearing.

48 fps is good enough for me, provided it doesn't dip during gameplay. Anything higher is just gravy.

The fact that we're even needing to decide between the two of them is pitiful for PS4/X1.....but, I'd like smoother framerates for most games if I was developing on those consoles and I was deciding on several graphics effects.

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It does depend on the type of game but if I have to choose across the board then I will take 60fps please.

Something like Zelda, I think a locked 30fps would be fine.

Well this is obviously dependent on the game itself. Games where additional framerate is key such as fighting games, should focus on that, games where the atmosphere and fidelity are more important such as survival horror should focus more on resolution. That said, look at Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U; a beautiful and vibrant game running in perfect 1080p and at a constant 60fps. Now, honestly, a good game will still be a good game if it's running at 480p and 24fps, which is currently the broadcasting standards for non-HD TV in UK; but we should be expecting better at this point. PCs have been able to exceed 1080p and 60fps for years, the Wii U can manage it flawlessly, at this point I think it's a failure in programming to produce any game on the PS4 or Xone that can't manage 1080p and 60fps. These where the targets for last gen for fuck sake! Aren't we supposed to progress when a new generation comes about.

Now sure, people can claim that there's more advanced AI and more detail vibrant worlds, and as such we're having to sacrifice graphics for gameplay; and that would be convincing if games like Battlefield 4 didn't have AI that's pants-on-head retarded and quite pointedly identical cross-gen. What are they doing with all that extra power? Wiping their arses with it that's what.

Now, I'm no graphics whore. I'd rather have more capable AI and more detailed games, but I expect a baseline of 1080p and 60fps at this point and I don't think that's unreasonable given the tech they have to work with. Hell, there are games on PS3 that have achieved that; so it should be laughably easy on PS4.

1080p is so 2009.

The real master race plays at 1440p. And why should I need to decide between each thing ? I can have both =P


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1080p, of course, i can't understand majority BS with 60 fps, besides, you can have both even on x1, but 30 fps potentially means better graphics, so 1080p/30 fps all the way.

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