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Net profit forecast 100 billion yen -> 120 billion yen. The company today raised its sales forecast for DS players this fiscal year by 15 percent to 23 million units and software by 22 percent to 100 million games. Sales of Wii games will reach 21 million games this year, compared with an earlier target of 17 million.The company left its target for Wii console sales unchanged at 6 million units. Sales this year will probably rise to 900 billion yen, compared with 740 billion yen forecast in October and 509.2 billion yen a year earlier, the company said. Nintendo also raised it full-year dividend forecast to 480 yen, from the October estimate of 400 yen and 390 yen a year earlier.

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Hahah this is actually funny if you think about it. In a cute way. It seems like Nintendo were the last people to know. Projected markets for the company have already risen substantially via a variety of independent sources, as of more than a fortnight ago. ;)

What impresses me most is the ONE HUNDRED MILLION units of DS software shipped in 12 months, those are almost PS2 level and unheard of for a handheld... Going by figures on VGCharts that is something like 40m in Japan and 30m in NA / Others each. Huge numbers. Remember that total software in a typical year in Japan is normally around 60-70m. Also remember that total NES software sales are 500m, N64 is 250m etc. Good work Nintendo!