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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - XBONE < Wii U in first January: Guys, I was right


Will the XBONE beat the Wii U's January?

Yes 324 35.29%
No 359 39.11%
Really close 140 15.25%
See results 93 10.13%



Globally the Wii U sold 282 thousand units January 2013. I'm making the prediction that the XBONE's January 2014 numbers will be lower. Let's break it down.



XBONE is going to do better. Wii U did 67 thousand so I'd predict around 100-200 thousand for XBONE. Looking back in time right now the Wii U could be found in most stores and available online at most places too. The XBONE is harder to find in stores but it's still there. Online it's available at less places too. Only Best Buy seems to have it consistently for the past few days. On the EBAY side of things both had/have similar markups. It shows that the XBONE has close to enough stock to supply demand. Its November was about double the Wii U's November. That's great but it'll still have a post Christmas drop off.



Obviously this one is close. Wii U did 57 thousand units. I'll predict 50 thousand for XBONE. Outside the UK the XBONE isn't severely limited by supply so it's really just a matter of low demand which we'd all expect.



XBONE isn't releasing over there, so this gives Wii U an extra 132 thousand units. It's what makes my overall prediction realistic.



So in summary, that's give or take 200 thousand XBONE's sold world wide in January. After seeing the numbers, does anyone expect it to be above 282?

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Soleron said:



     Xbox One will be doomed.

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I have nothing more to say ...

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ya know, i said the ps3 beating the wiiu in 2013 by 2 to 1 was a little a crazy, but you never know anymore.

Is the Wii U LTD sales only 132 thousand units or am i looking at something else?

sounds right, just because Japan

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ill have to say no. lets make this interesting, even though i do see a possibility of this happening how about we make a bet? even though i am not all that confident in this.

Seems reasonable. Especially with that $500 price.