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I say this in 100% seriousness. Masturbation and porn is demonic. God didn't create you so you can masturbate. Most of you don't know it is a sin or the conviction of sin unless you allow Jesus Christ, who is the living God in the flesh, into your heart and sincerly ask Him to forgive you. His light and holiness exposes all sin and darkness and if you submit to Him He can break your bondage or enslavement to masturbation.

If you claim you're a Christian then you need to repent. The Bible says be holy as God is holy.

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spurgeonryan said:
padib said:

My magic number so far is 4 days, my goal is "infinity".

You spot in heaven is now assured.


I lasted a year a few times.

A year! I wish I could achieve that

I lasted a whole month without masturbating! It was on a vacation if I remember correctly. I was with the whole familiy so I didn't have a moment alone.

Once I got back I got the lucky chance to get all lovey dovey with a teacher in school. I covered her in white slime!

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Half a day


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