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umm.. I dont know if you actually read my first post or what you're trying to achieve, imply or whatever as I never mentioned that I think this or I think that. I was addressing the silly notion that not meeting demand immediately means produciton problems which is not always the case. None of use know if MS is having produciton issues or if their max produciton capacity just really can't keep up with demand.

As for the marketing thing, yes, they have research and shyet like that. all competent companies do that. why did they cut the original 21 launch countries to 13? Who knows? maybe yield issues? maybe capcity issues? maybe programing issues? maybe what they are saying is true regarding the voice command? unelss some insider comes out and say it, no one really knows and I doubt that an insider would actually come out and say it. 

My beset guess would be that from the 21 countries, their research and pre-order numbers suggested that the 13 countries were where they can be sure that most if not all of their shipment will sell through and very little to none will sit on shelves for an extended period of time.They wanted to avoid scenarios where in consoles would be sitting on shelves for exteneded period of time.

As for strategy, they never changed strategy. I would assume that the original launch countries were the top xbox markets. all MS did was merely cut the bottom ranked countries and opted to release on the top ranked countries to ensure quick sell thorugh.

bottom line is, even if MS is not meeting demand, the fact that they are selling through most if not all of their shipments is already a success for MS.

Would it hurt MS to delay launch to the rest of the world? no it wont as they are already hard pressed to meet demand in the countries where they already launched. would Sony kill them because of this? I dont believe so as Sony is also having problems meeting demand.

I guess we both misunderstood each other. To me it sounded like you were confirming "this and that" instead of this is what you think. 

If you planned to lauch in 21 countries and cut it to 13 countries that is changing strategies. 

But I have to agree that the delay to launch to the rest of the world will not hurt them that much. US+UK represents 60% of the Xbox360 sold. And those are two countries MS doesn't want to have problem meeting demand while the competitor seems to doing as good or just slightly better than them.

It would seem that we did misunderstand each other. Re reading your posts tells me that we were actually in the same thought stream.

I'm pulling this out of my ass, but I think that MS and Sony's production capacity is more or less the same with Sony having a very narrow production capacity advantege. The only reason I could really think of why Sony was able to launch more units in more countries is that they started production earlier.  MS had to come up with ways to improve their machine whithout having to go back to design as they were caught off guard with Sony's specifications. This delayed their production a bit which ended up with them being able stock pile less units as compared to Sony.

Not saying that Xbone is inferior, i think that ps4 and xbone are pretty much equal, only difference is that Sony chose to make a straight up gaiming console while MS wanted a media-all-in-one-thinngymagig.  correct me if i'm wrong but you can switch between game, tv, face book and what have you on the xbone on the fly. its something I would say that I dont really care about as i buy consoles for gaming, but if given the option, you bet your ass i'll use those features. everyone who says otherwise are lying trought their teeth. 


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