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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Ryse scoring well with the consumer

Hawat said:
People mostly care about graphics now, this is sad that this make crytek right with their "games are 60% graphic philosophy".

60% of game experience, 60 on meta sounds right to me xD

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Ha ha.

Just came in to this topic to verify Selnor had started it. How much more flag waving can one man(?) do for a company?

enough ryse topics.

It's obvious that Ryse and Killzone SF were sacrificed in gameplay quality to reach the levels of graphics quality necessary to promote both consoles...They both will be forgotten in a year from now, but that's not the point of those games. They were created to show the potential of both consoles, and I think that both have been succesful. As games are not more than a 7'5 rating game, but for a launch game, both are great.

On friday i will buy my ps4 with Killzone SF and AC IV. I know that Killzone SF won't change my life precisely, but it will be enough fun and it will show me what ps4 is capable of, that's all that matters for me at launch, and it's way better than when i bought a ps3 on June 2007..., I had to wait until november to get COD 4 and Assassin's Creed.

And talking about Assassin's Creed..., nobody remembers now the reviews they got and how many people insisted the franchise should die because it was only a graphic masterpiece but a dull game??? 2 years later Ubisoft made AC 2, and it was an instant classic. I remember how I liked the game ,the first one, but felt that the game was lacking in much things in gameplay, that it was an 7-8 rating game, and that if they made a sequel it could be a 9...

There's no reason to think that Ryse and Shadow Fall can achieve the same...

Aldro said:

Most people that have purchased a console is likely to try to justify that purchase currently.

I'm going into Killzone Shadow Fall expecting a 7/10 game. I am hoping I will be able to keep myself from falling into that pit.

If anyone here seriously believes Ryse will be spoken about in 1-2+ years, you're only fooling yourself. Barely any of the launch games across both platforms will be rememberd. Accept a poor launch and move on. Though I can see Selnor's need for this as Ryse seems to be one of the best games he has ever played. Smh...

This.  If i never see another ryse thread it will be too soon.  I absolutely guarantee that if this were a ps or nintendo exclusive that he wouldn't have a word to say about it.  There are a couple of other games out right now that deserve much more hype.  Where the hell are all the link between worlds threads?  That might just be the best game I've played this year, it is finally a return to form and a much, muuuuuuch better game than this shallow piece of garbage.  As a matter of fact, dead rising 3 is an xbox exclusive as well and at least includes some depth and actual FUN gameplay, much more deserving of your praise selnor.  Make those threads.


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Coolio, selnor is NOT alone! I hope you're preparing your Forza amazon thread next

Faust said:

oh man u r a real hero, dat game sux really bad xD

I got Platinum... over 100 hours... it was painful because I started on Hard since beginning... never played on Easy or Normal... died zillions of times before get used to the complex combo system.

I can't take any of the reviews from consumrs that bought the X1 seriously.  If they bought the X1 for Ryse then they will try to convince themselves that they like it to justify spending $500 on a console and $60 on the game.  They don't wanna feel like they spent $560 to play a medicore game.  Not to mention most of the early adoptors are the biggest supporters of Microsoft and want to see them succeed and such will bump up the scores.

Do we really need anymore topics about Ryse?

Hawat said:
People mostly care about graphics now, this is sad that this make crytek right with their "games are 60% graphic philosophy".

Yup, graphics sell, and it's really a sad trend imo.