Forums - Gaming Discussion - If all 4 of the newly announced Persona games were to be released in the west, which ones would you get?

Which ones would you get?

Persona 5 13 34.21%
Persona 4: Dancing All Night 0 0.00%
Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold 0 0.00%
Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth 7 18.42%
Persona 5 & Persona 4: DAN 4 10.53%
Persona 5 & Persona 4: TUUSH 1 2.63%
Persona 5 & Persona Q: SOTL 5 13.16%
All 4 3 7.89%
None 3 7.89%
Other (combination other ... 2 5.26%

I have personally never played a Persona game before, but if they were all to be released, I would try to get at least the 2 for the PS3. How about you?

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If it's anything like Ouendan, the dancing game!

Probably just 5

Not sure about the dancing game...

All of them + it would be the kick in the ass I need to buy a 3ds

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Time for hype

All except for the dancing game. Don't have a Vita anyways.

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The dancing game is the only one we really need.

P5 is a definite if I get a PS3, I'd also be interested in P4UUSH especially if Arcsys include the story section from the first game like they did with Blazblue Continuum Shift including Calamity Trigger's story sections. I'll definitely dive in if they port it to vita, I'm not great at fighters but like the vita d-pad. P4 dancing I'll wait and see but it might be worth it for teh lulz anyway, PQ is iffy - I want to buy a 3DS anyway but the idea of it being more like Etrian Odyssey doesn't appeal

P5 for sure.
Then PQ and Ultimate suplex hold.

Dancing game, I dunno :D

PQ and P5!!!

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Persona 5 and the 3DS game. Maybe the Vita game.

Would have liked the 3DS game and Vita game to be switched. Interested in a dungeon crawler more than the rhythm game.

That disco Teddie picture that also looks kind of like Teddie doing the pedobear walk looks awesome.