Forums - Sony Discussion - First image of PS4 & PS Vita Ultimate Edition Bundle - UPDATE Price £599.96

Sorry Triple Post.
PS4 + Knack- £384.99 Amazon
Lego Marvel- £49.99 Amazon
Vita Bundle- £169.99 Game

£604.97 and you get Lego Marvel for Vita worth £24.95
Seriously GAME just fuck off.

PSP Lifetime more than PSV+3DS Lifetime.

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Dust will be collected with this bundle. Now if it was PS3/Vita I would be interested...

Estelle and Adol... best characters ever! XD

Looks like Game gouging just before the holidays to shift as many units of everything as they can to people desperate enough to pay £600 to get a PS4 for christmas. When we see the bundle being sold elsewhere and without the extras game add I expect the price to be far more attractive (£430-£450, maybe a tiny amount higher)

put up 30 million of this bundle so we can get a better nintendo bundle....
wii u + 3ds xl... now you can play in 4 screens XD


buy it separate instead and save some money for games


PS4 with Knack for £385

PS4 without knack for £330

PSV with 10 games and 16GB memory card for £150


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