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Rustynail said:

Folks, get an Xbox One instead. Better games at launch, no Blue Light of Death, no ugly design and no ugly controller. The PS4 is just an over rexpensive Ouya. Microsoft were the ones who invented online gaming and servers. Microsoft were the ones who revolutionized FPS on consoles and they were the ones who made the easiest platform to make games to. Game developers constantly complained about making games for the PlayStation 2. They needed to, because it was the biggest console around, but it was apparently a pain in the ass to develop for. Sony simply didn’t care about making it easy on developers – they knew that if their system was popular enough, it wouldn’t matter how hard it was to develop for. They were right. But with the Xbox, Microsoft made sure that developing for the system was as simple as possible. The company made it like developing games for the PC, which has always been the easiest platform to work with (and to port from). Id Software ported over Doom 3 and added in console-exclusive features, and Valve even put its extremely popular Half-Life 2 onto the Xbox (even if it didn’t run all that well).


Microsoft were the ones who made the West more important to the industry. During the 1990s, there was a mentality that Japanese game developers were significantly better than those based in Europe or the US. That was likely due, in part, to the fact that all of the console makers were based out of Japan – they shared more with their own countrymen, giving them earlier access to early development kits while massive US companies like EA were forced to purchase retail hardware from Japan and reverse-engineer it in order to make their games. Simply put, Nintendo, Sony, and Sega didn’t always play nice with foreign developers. But once the Xbox hit the scene, they had to. Suddenly, there was a large American console on the market, made by a company with a history of supporting developers. It opened the door for a number of studios to start making games on consoles that otherwise would have stuck to PC development, and led to a massive spike in the number of US and European publishers making AAA games.

I tend to not quote but THIS, I have to.

Quote :
...get an Xbox One instead. Better games at launch...

*Better Games? Yes the first party Launch titles on PS4 are not as impressive as expected but those games are not even 1% of the exclusives, let alone entire gaming library. You cannot base your purchasing for console of choice on "1%". You may choose to "wait" for a little while like I do, but this does not change my decision to switch.

Quote : Blue Light of Death

*Historically Sony Consoles have been much more reliable than Microsoft's. That so called BLOD is blown out of proportion drastically (as only the frustrated consumer will rush to complain online, not those who are having a blast with their consoles). Also not everything is on Sony to blame (among others like Amazon etc). The very same things can & will happen to Xbox as well. This may caution to wait untill things get ironed out but not to switch to the other console.

Quote : ugly design and no ugly controller

*Xbox, with its huge power brick, has always had the ugliest and crappiest designs on a console. PS4 is slick, slim, sexy, thinner, lighter, with no power bricks; an engineering marvel. DS3 was admittedly not so good, but DS4 seems great. I never liked the Xbox Controllers (which was nothing but imitated from the Dreamcast controller, which Microsoft cooperated with).

Quote :
PS4 is just an over rexpensive Ouya

*This alone proves that you are dreaming blind fanboy. PS4 is far more advanced than PS3, but does more and improve further. It just doesn't try to be your media hub. Microsoft has this habit of trying to be everything, but sucking at most (Surface tablets for example).


Microsoft were the ones who revolutionized FPS on consoles

* MS was not the ones who revolutionized the FPS on consoles, it was Nintendo with Golden Eye, Perfect Dark, and Turok Series on N64. Sony contributed to it with Medal of Honor, and Quake 2 on PS1. Dreamcast enhanced it with Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, and much better controller on Dreamcast, which could even allow online deathmatch over a 56 K modem! Microsoft just popularized it in US.


and they were the ones who made the easiest platform to make games to

* It is true that Xbox has tratidionally been easier to develop for, especially for the PC developers, but NOT ANY MORE. PS4 is officially much easier to develop for, not only because of hardware issues, but also the quality of the development environment.


KEEP YOUR FACTS TOGETHER before spilling your fanboy nonsense please. I supported Xbox 360 because it was the better console except for the first party exclusives but Microsoft has done everything wrong, while Sony has done everything correct ever since the release of the slim PS3.

Xbox One X (Scorpio) Prospects

Sales Estimations for 8th Generation Consoles

Next Gen Consoles Impressions and Estimates

Regional Analysis  (only MS and Sony Consoles)
Europe     => XB1 : 15-25 % vs PS4 : 75-85%
N. America => XB1 :  35-45% vs PS4 : 55-65%
Global     => XB1 :  24-33% vs PS4 : 67-76%

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pezus said:

We sold 1 million PS4s on Friday, more than the number of Wii Us shipped worldwide in the first 9 months of 2013. In this, The Year of Luigi

is that his real twitter account?

killerzX said:
pezus said:

We sold 1 million PS4s on Friday, more than the number of Wii Us shipped worldwide in the first 9 months of 2013. In this, The Year of Luigi

is that his real twitter account?

No. ^_^

praise cerny 

killerzX said:
pezus said:

We sold 1 million PS4s on Friday, more than the number of Wii Us shipped worldwide in the first 9 months of 2013. In this, The Year of Luigi

is that his real twitter account?


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Yesterday I wrote an article mentioning that social media gives us power to keep corporations on their toes, but take away perspective from our perception of reality, warping it negatively.

In that article I tried to put the issue in the right perspective by throwing in a very conservative estimate of 500,000 units sold to date. Turns out that my perspective was quite faulty as well, as Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that a whole million units were sold through(meaning that they actually found a loving home) in the first 24 hours after the console’s debut.

Not only that’s a mindboggingly positive  number, which I personally didn’t even get near to expect, but it definitely helps us putting the reports about bricked and malfunctioning consoles in a much more realistic perspective.

In order to do so I will use the same equation I used yesterday, but I will replace my hypothetical sell-through numbers with a million. Keep in mind that now the console has been in the wild way longer than 24 hours, so the actual number is surely higher, but with this kind of partly empirical calculations being conservative is best. You’re very free to use the equation yourself replacing the million with whatever number you think corresponds to the actual current sales of the console.

Using Sony’s early estimate of 0.4% faulty PS4 units, we find out that there might be 4,000 bricked or otherwise malfunctioning consoles in the hands of the same number of rightfully dissatisfied customers in North America only.

If 30% of those customers take to the internet to present their complaints to the wide audience of social media (and 30% is a rather conservative estimate as well, given how accessible social media is for this kind of complaints, and the fact that gamers are normally very keen on sharing what happens to them with the rest of the web), we’re going to see 1,334 malfunction reports generated just by the first day of sales. And that’s a number destined to grow day by day as more consoles are sold.

That’s an enormous amount that, taken without the due perspective, would immediately prompt people to think that there has been some unmitigated production disaster of proportions comparable to the red ring of death.

Mind you, we can’t be sure that a problem isn’t there, but the current reports we have seen, compared with the perspective given by a million consoles sold, is definitely not nearly enough to prove or even indicate the existence of such a problem.

A 0.4% failure rate for the launch of a new consumer electronics product is entirely acceptable. Of course it’s still extremely annoying if you’re part of that small percentage, but it’s unfortunately the nature of the electronic beast, and that’s one of the reason why we have warranties. The true test for Sony now will be on how quickly and efficiently those warranties will be fulfilled.

If a small 0.4% failure rate has the potential to generate over a thousand perfectly legit complaints from just the first day of sales, just imagine how much that number has been inflated by false positives and trolls.

Of course there are trolls on the internet, people that just seek attention or have a vested interest in making things look worse than they are, and unfortunately they are on all sides of the console war. Here’s a comment you can read in my previous article about the issue:

Will this contemptible threat really be put in action? We have no way to know, but it’s pretty much safe to assume that there will be quite a few that will try similar stunts, whether on the same scale or not, just like there have been quite a few for the PS4. It’s again the unfortunate nature of the console war mixed with the sense of safety given by the internet that seems to turn quite a few people into complete twa*s, forgive the french.

Add to that the fact that many of the malfunction reports have been bounced back and forth with amazing redundancy by media outlets with a vested interest in building up the controversy to feed their pageview numbers, and you get the idea.

So there you have it: yesterday I wrote that we needed perspective to judge the reports of malfunctioning consoles that have emerged, and today we got just that. Now that we have a more complete picture of the situation, you’re the ones that have to figure out what to make of it. Now we have the tools, and you can decide how to use them.

According to a new study; YouTube,, NeoGaf, N4G, VGChartz, IGN, GameSpot, GameStop, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, All of Europe, FAMITSU, Japan, the rest of Asia and The whole of the Middle East among countless others are experiencing a Tsunami of people in love with Sony's gamings offerings.

This gen will be interesting, wonder what the XO will do as well. I have no idea how Nintendo will respond to this.

I predict that the Wii U will sell a total of 18 million units in its lifetime. 

The NX will be a 900p machine

According to some, sold means sell through all of a sudden. Righttttt.....still waiting for that confirmation. Also I find it weird Sony expects to ship only 5 million, something seems fishy.

In europe, i expect more than 1 million, unless sony send more PS4 to US than europe :(

Predictions for end of 2014 HW sales:

 PS4: 17m   XB1: 10m    WiiU: 10m   Vita: 10m


phenom08 said:
Neither tweet was an confirmation for not shipped. They need to clarify.

It's okay... your willful ignorance will soon turn into acceptance soon enough. It will hurt at first but over time the sting will fade