Forums - Gaming Discussion - Playstation 4 VGcharterz failure rate (updated: 2.5%-3.5% failure)

Been using mine since last night and it works.

I have ran into a few weird issues though.

  • Sometimes when in PSN store or the top level of the XMB it will boot me back to the the section right next to "What's New"
  • When going into "Library" it shows no pictures. Sometimes also bumps me out. Right now whenever I clicked on one of the games it bumps me out.
  • Vita constantly loses connection with PS4. Don't know what is at fault here.
I wonder if my issues have to do with the software. It seems that way.

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mine is working fine(typing this post from my PS4) the only thingthat has happen to me was an error occurred while BF4 and I lost about 2-3 hours of campaign data._..

weaveworld said:

Since Amazon seems the way to go to determine the incredibly high failure rate of the Ps4, why don't we see for ourselves how badly manufactured this console actually is.

Did you buy a PS4 and if so, does it work like a charm... or not?

you should keep updating this thread by adding the names of the people who bought the ps4 and its status to the OP. so we can see how many people have it in relation to how many broke.


I got my PS4 from the MCX and it works.


my count is 18 ps4's in this thread, with 1 being broken. (that is if Rolstoppable actually has ps4's, which seems hard to believe)

so 5.5% failure rate in this thread

edit: +4 consoles so 22, that makes 4.5% failure rate.

I didn't get a PS4 but I failed my exams, does that count?

I have 7 working flawlessly and none of my 58 friends have had any issues with theirs. Everything's great.

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I'd like to add i know 5 Real life friends that got one and all theirs work like is should, also asked they guy at gamestop today if they had any returns or complaints and he said no. My managers kid works at bestbuy, i'll ask him tomorrow if bestbuy had any problems. Also i got mine from amazon.

It seems that this is an Amazon related incident but the issues do seem to be every growing as the day passes... Maybe it was only the launch editions? Not sure whats happening but if the issues continue to grow after a week... there is clearly a major flaw in Sony's part... If they don't fix it quickly, there will be lawsuits and people will stop buying the system...

But here is a list of pretty much all legit CRITICAL issues that have happened on the ps4 so far:

We should also keep a track of the reviews from Amazon:

The good and the bad reviews seem to go up

Right now, its about 34% (448 failed out of 1290 sold) failure rate (if the reviews are true) which is better than the 40% it was this morning... 

Edit: Since people seem to somehow misinterpret what I am saying... I am referring to the REVIEWED consoles, not the TOTAL SALES of the ps4s... I am sure Amazon has sold a ton more than the reviewed amount and I am also sure that many people don't review them... 


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My PS4 caused World War 1.

WrathofTank (x2)
TheEspionage  (friends)
RolStoppable (x2, 1 failure)
HappyLion (x2 friends)
KBG29 (x3, himself, brother, friend)
=1 broken/ 23 total = 4.5% failure

if we only include personally owned PS4. 1 broken/ 18 total = 5.6% failure