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Tietokone-magazine, a Finnish computer magazine geared more towards professional/semi-pro users quoted VG Chartz in their online news to state that Wii reached the #1 spot in the USA and is dominating the markets.

"Nintendon Wii-konsolin menestys jatkuu voimakkaana. Pelikonsolien myyntiä seuraavan Vg chartzin tilastojen mukaan Wii on noussut Xbox 360:n ohi myydyimmäksi pelikonsoliksi myös USA:ssa, vaikka Wii tuli myyntiin yli vuoden Xbox 360:n jälkeen."

"The success of Nintendo's Wii-console continues strong. According to the statistics of VG Chartz, who track the sales of game consoles, Wii has passed the X360 as the most sold console als in the USA although it was lauched over a year later."

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Why GTA IV Was the Beginning of the End

I think it’s safe to say that the era of next-gen gaming as a driving force is over. Why? As of the week ending June 7th (the most recent tally available), just over 9 million copies of the highly touted Grand Theft Auto IV had been sold worldwide for the Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 combined, according to VGChartz.

Dailytech gives full citation to Vgchartz and shows the picture from our site.



Adding proof to Ars Technia's report that sometime this September Microsoft will be price cutting all Xbox 360 SKUs, the crew posted their own insider price cut evidence. was sent the image above which was taken from a retailer's computer data base showing that, come this September 7th, a $199 Xbox 360 Arcade price point will be in full effect. Delicious!

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"At that rate, Wii Fit will outsell GTA IV in absolute units before the end of 2008. Since I whipped up the rough forecast chart below with data from, a valuable but imperfect reference, I double-checked my prediction with Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter, who is considered by many to be the best gaming sector analyst around."

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Link: Shipment History Since 1995

don't know if its been posted but VG used as a source here


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"dude, check out this webpage, it has sales data for all these games and consoles" - Gebx, Nov 23rd 2008

Does that count??

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The newspaper at my university posted an article about Gears 2 and used VGC's number. It reaches about 45,000 a day.