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200K. they are not into zelda so much, and no next-gen competition, so its all about then, and they made some really great ad tv there.

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Shortiloe said:

Funny, how People predict, it will only sell 120-150k. Even Pikmin 3 sold round abut 90-100k.

I say at least 350k.

You think it will have over at least a %30 attach ratio in just the first week? Granted, more Wii U hardware will be sold in Japan that week, but that's still pretty steep I think. Just for perspective, Sunshine did about 320k in Japan first week I believe and that was on a bigger install base.

I'd say more along the lines of 250k for this one, especially since it seems a little more casual targeted and less likely to be something that's preordered as much.


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165k in Japan.

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EDI:T sorry, there was a typo - i did not mean 218k, i meant 281k ^^