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Forums - Sales Discussion - Japan Sales: Tsutaya Game Ranking (Oct 28 - Nov 3)

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As was mentioned in COMG; Jikkyou doing abnormally well in this store. Neptunia also doing abnormally poorly compared to all the other information we've been given.

I wonder how battle of the bundles between Gundam & Wii Party will play out on Wednesday.

Awesome a wii u title in the top ten

How the heck can Neptune Rebirth be so low? That's 10K we're talking about here. The main series (even though it's a remake) starting below Idol Neptune doesn't make sense. I hope it will be higher in MC.

Wii Party U is off for a sub-30K start... was it in one of the bundles that came out that week?

Wii U bundles with Wii Party U released this weak in Japan. Will be interesting to see how much Hardware this translates to.

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It's just so strange that Japan seems to love the PS3 and 3DS, but are luckwarm to the Vita and hates the WiiU. I mean Japan used to worship the PSP and Wii, I can't get my head around their successors tanking so hard :/

At least Pokemon X is selling better than Y.

Japanese like their elegant deer. Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

All the new bundles had Wii Party U in them, so it`s hard to determine how sales of the actual game have faired, when there`s a chance people decided to buy the console that already had the game.

at japanese amazon, it was in top 30 as a standalone game without wiimote or console

Who'd have thought the Japan Series would boost sales for a baseball game.

Well, I guess Giants fans will only have a chance of seeing their team win in a video game.