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Ok, so I've been trying to play some simple LAN games recently, but have been unable to connect with anyone. I live on campus at a University, so I do not know the router information, nor can I get the passwords to actually do anything like port-forwarding. Although we are all connected to the same wireless, and the same ethernet, we cannot connect, because of the large volume of users on these networks (I assume) which totals well over 1000 for our wireless throughout the campus at any given time.

So I tried VPN p2p clients like Hamatchi, Evolve, Tunngle, etc. All of them fail to connect me with anyone around me for some damn reason, and every online solution has me port forwarding, which as I stated earlier, is not an option... SO any suggestions?




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Maybe your "friends" just don't like you?

Anyway can't you just get a own router to create a WLAN.. one hooks up the router and the others go onto that network..


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