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How often do you report people?

Never 66 51.97%
Only a couple times 37 29.13%
Monthly 2 1.57%
Weekly 5 3.94%
Daily 8 6.30%
Multiple times a day 9 7.09%

A few times a week mostly spam bots sending me smex messages and bananawoman's midnight encounters @_@.


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I report every single post whether it's a good one or not. I won't stop until I'm the only one left on this forum.

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Never. I just use the report button to report my own duplicated threads.

I think I'm one of the most reported guys in the Sony side

I reported kweniki and some other guys a few times who were bothering me.

Only for being too sexy...


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thread reported.

Ouroboros24 said:

Hells to the no.  In my hood, if someone did somethin' you let them be.  You don't go runnin' to no cops or no nothin'.  And, if they did somein' to you, you took care of it yourself.  If someone be playin' loud music and you go to go to work the next morning, you go over there, cut their main power and sneak right back out.  Hopefully, no one rats you out. 


I think I have only reported spam, I personally enjoy a good flame war, or some crafty stealth trolling

yes. i dont however report people i like.

Never did, never will.