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Like a lot of us, we've always had thoughts of creating a videogame. Sadly, most our visions won't become a reality in this lifetime.

For me, I gave up the "designing a videogame" dream when I was young, but one thing I've always wanted to do was provide the resources for Game Designers.


For example, let's say a certain Studio needs a texture pack of roads, clothing, etc.

The Studio has the software to create the game, but they don't want to have to create the unique textures too. They want top-notch stuff.

I'd create the textures for the Studio, as well as any sound effects or other graphic ventures.


I'm sure there are a few of you on here that do this kind of thing. I'll eventually work my way up. I feel as if I have to prove my skill in creating textures first. I need to work on my portfolio which hasn't been touched in months.

Anyways, has anyone on here done something similar with textures or providing other kinds of resources for designers?

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I had a vision of a Metroidvania style of games that I had for a long time. Hopefully I'll become a full time programmer soon and for a team with some friends and make the thing.

I have tried to make a few games/models and this site usually comes in handy: cgtextures.com

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You should probably consider places like TurboSquid and that Poser based store (cannot remember the name)… get some stuff up on their market places.

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There are plenty of studios that make lots of assets for other studios. It's called outsourcing and it's usually handled by studios in countries with really low wages so they can be done for cheap. Naughty Dog outsource to several Mexico for example (mostly rough props and levels that get polished by the internal devs) A Veitnamise studio called Glassegg does most of the cars seen in games lol including most of the Forza cars and several tracks and all the recent Need for Speed cars etc. Most of the major publishers have studios in places like China to do a lot of the grunt asset work, EA, Ubisoft, Sega and 2K games all have studios in China.

Alternatively for smaller stuff their is the Unity asset store and several other places where you can put up assets that devs can buy.


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