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It's quite simple really. People are excited for new hardware. They will buy that hardware reguardless of the quality of the exclusives that it has. The Ps4 will likely be sold out throughout the holiday, until February when Infamous hopefully becomes an actual system seller (instead of just a quality game like Infamous/2).

Driveclub and Watchdogs will keep the momentum high when they launch. It'll work the same way on Xbone, but the reason I'm specifying Ps4 is because it'll have more-so sustained sales with the delayed exclusive Driveclub, especially in Europe where racing games are huge. Sony will need to actually advertise the game though because it isn't very well known when compared to the likes of Shadow Fall and even Knack.

Bascially, Ps4 will be fine and sell out throughout the months. These delays will help reduce the possible "WiiU" drought effect. Also Xbone will sustain a lesser amount because of Watchdogs, but will still benefit.


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i agree. that is if the PS4 does sell out this year. i dont expect it to sell out in January, with or without drive club.

Uhh didn't the WiiU drought effect happen because of titles being delayed in the 1st place?

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I think the reality is it won't help in the medium term in the same way that it wont hinder it in the short term.

In other words, considering we are talking about a launch here, aside from those that pre-ordered the bundle it has zero impact either way.

I think its very odd logic that says the same number of games released over an extended period means a drought is reduced.

For example, if it was to be 10 games on launch day but it is now 10 games after 4 months.... how is that any different? Its still 10 games available to play after 4 months either way.

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Your point is valid, that titles after launch are as much or more important as launch titles. The system is going to sell well regardless until Christmas. I don't know how much either title will really help PS4 post-launch though... I don't see Driveclub being a big draw and WD is on every platform, as such it's not a big motivation to buy the PS4 even with bundling. But having post launch content is good, regardless. Wii U barely had a game until September, and we saw how that turned out...

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I actually think it will hurt drive club with other racing games taking over the spotlight.. it could have the Resistance 1 effect: "no other game available so we'll buy this game" it gives all the racing fans to Need for Speed.. for the console it doesn't matter for the franchise it could be huge


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Otakumegane said:
Uhh didn't the WiiU drought effect happen because of titles being delayed in the 1st place?

Like Pikmin and Rayman Legends.

Wii U didn't have Battlefield or many of the other big third party titles at launch.  All it had was more 2D Mario (Which is the same game on an NES or a Titan-PC) and inferior third party ports.


Now if Killzone was delayed...

It's being made available on PS+ either way so I don't think it will have much of an impact.

I mean, does anyone know a lot of people actually hyped for this? None of my friends getting PS4's at launch have uttered a single word about Driveclub and even online the talk about getting it mostly stems around downloading the PS+ version.

I think it would really help PS4 if it was an exclusive. But it will be available for all platforms, and it´s a new franchise that is not recieving much hype as, for example, Watch Dogs recieved. I don´t think it will help much.

Yes, I can agree with this. An ISS/Driveclub bundle later would also help sustain the momentum next year.


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