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SO you're fed up with it, and yet you write a wall text.


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Netyaroze said:
Nope I am not influenced by stuff like that. There is another reason why I am not exited about next gen its called Oculus Rift it literally destroyed any desire I had, to own a console. Sadly Oculus is not ready yet to be a real alternative so I gave up on gaming until Oculus hits the consumer market. I am now a PC only guy. I dont have the time to play all the the games so I just focus on making the time I play games as impressive as possible and PC is just the best platform for that. So I can see the technology evolve at a faster pace than I could on a Console.

Did you try it in real life and was it really that impressive?

Also, don't you risk getting yourself alienated from gaming if you take such a long break?

"back in the days", let me say n64 vs. ps1, was horrible in my school. it was all about "lool ps1 loading loading loading" or "n64 the fog machine can't even see the next tree hahaha".

so yeah, in real life i experienced much worse stuff with these consoles as with xb1 vs. ps4 or ps3 vs. 360. but i still hear more shit nowadays because there is the internet but i really think in real life i experience much less of that. probably because  most people around me are older now

Sal.Paradise said:
SnakeDrake said:

Practically porn 

now imagine that was mark cernys hands

Console wars are to put it lightly idiotic. Just play games and have fun. Who gives a shit about the rest. They are plastic boxes with minor differences and a few different bits of software. Both are good. Also I enjoy my WiiU so it doesnt feel left out in this conv :P

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Take a breath, step back, and realise the console war is simply a comedy show.

Sometimes I wish every game came on a single system, so we could at least have stupid conversations about which GAME is better and not have stupid conversations about which hunk of plastic is better.

Anyway, I would recommend steering clear of internet forums for a while, Odin, or at least avoiding the threads dedicated to pissing contests like the ones mentioned in the OP. I find that people in the real world are much more tolerant and much more open-minded about video games in general, although, to be honest, this medium seems to attract a disproportionate amount of immature people, whether in a physical or virtual space.

i agree with u but it should not make that upset because it is only games. I do like my wiiu and will eventually get both ps4 and xbox one. i also build a monster PC last year that is way more porewfull than those consoles but guess what. I dont even turn in on for weeks at a time because i find it like a product that has not involve with the rest of technology. it is not as instant as my smartphone or my tablet or the wiiu that i am currently using to type this laying down in my bed. It is sad when ppl hate a company and miss out on some special products.

crissindahouse said:

"back in the days", let me say n64 vs. ps1, was horrible in my school. it was all about "lool ps1 loading loading loading" or "n64 the fog machine can't even see the next tree hahaha".

Imagine we had the same internet back then... I played with my Saturn back then

It'll get worse before it gets better. You ain't seen nothing yet.