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People said TWWHD was one of Nintendo's "Big Guns" for raking in some profit.

What possible future games would be a "Big Gun" and be a massive money maker? Be creative.


Here's a few that would take in some serious profit:

-Super Mario 64 Sequel (or HD remake)

-Earthbound Remake (or actual Mother 4)

-Ice Climbers reboot

-Yoshi's Story reboot(which is coming for 3DS)

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sunshine online mario brothers
metroid hunters online multiplayer capture the flag etc

Wi sports club
Wii fit pedometer for everymember of their family kids are eager for this one

"Insert Mario title"

and next portable giant

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire remakes in X/Y fashion!


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Pokemon Bank. Mario Kart 8.

Mother/Earthbound will never rake in the profits like some people expect. It has a niche audience.

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Seriously though, anything would be a big gun by now which isn't a remake. Be it Mario, Zelda or even F-Zero. The system is nearly one year old and got so little support, it's really sad to see.

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I could only think about this:

hmmm... reggie's body...


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