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☆Gym Leader: Carlos3189

~Official Pokemon XY Thread:

All Gym Challenges Must Require An Appoinment With Its Gym Leader. Contact By Either Posting Here, or Directly Messaging Them. Not All Gym Leaders Will Have Free Time so pls be patient and Work up a Time and Date! Have Discussions here about the gym related topics. Any Questions Pls Contact me for answers... Good Luck!

◆Gym Policies

⇒ All Trainers are not allowed Uber Tier Pokemon in any match(Unless Stated Otherwise)
⇒ To Win A Gym Match, you must win a best out of 3 battles unless stated otherwise (First to Win Twice)
⇒ A Gym cant be rechallenge within at least 2 weeks.
⇒ Gym Leaders can switch out pokemon from party
⇒ Each Gym has there own set of rules, pls follow them.

★SunLight Gym Format★

● Single Battle
● 6 vs 6
● Lv 100
● Items On (No Double Items or Soul Dews Allowed)

☆SunLight Gym Rules☆

⇒ You Cant Use Any Moves involving Weather (Sunny Day/Rain Dance/Hail/Sandstorm)
⇒Cant Use Pokemon With The Ability Drought/SandStream/Snow Warning.

Notes: Gym will open on a later date...

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Yes!!! This is what I'm talking about! Soon I'll be announcing my Pokemon leader! =)