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Now onto important matters,how much will 3DS have lifetime in sales? Its Currently at 33mil sales In August!

Decide How Much Will It Sell Lifetime!

I'll Post predictions here in the OP!

↓↓↓ User's Predictions ↓↓↓

165mil⇒ KingdomHeartsFan
165mil⇒ MohammadBadir
160mil⇒ N-Magic
145mil⇒ Zelhawks37
145mil⇒ NobleTeam360
137,365,072⇒ Busted
130mil⇒ leyendax69
130mil⇒ Matt_182
125mil⇒ Ponyless
125mil⇒ mii-gamer
122mil⇒ Eikichi134
121mil⇒ Tbone51
120mil⇒ DucksUnlimited
120mil⇒ sethnintendo
120mil⇒ Leadified
120mil⇒ FarleyMcFirefly
118,690,000= S.Peelman
117mil⇒ ktay95
116mil⇒ Yoyone
115mil⇒ Salnax
113.8mil⇒ Maris
113.5mil⇒ the_dengle
112mil⇒ BasilZero
110mil⇒ Cubedramirez
110mil⇒ Zorg1000
110mil⇒ killerzX
110mil⇒ melbye
104,563,888⇒ shakarak
101mil⇒ ironmanDX
100mil⇒ Cj2i3
100mil⇒ MegaDrive08
99mil⇒ Chris1596
93mil⇒ Conegamer
91mil⇒ se7en7thre3
90mil⇒ betacon
90mil⇒ SnakeDrake
88mil⇒ RCTjunkie
86mil⇒ Turkish
82mil⇒ Mummelmann
81mil⇒ Yonyx

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115 million

Love and tolerate.

Its on track to sell better than the DS, so I`m gonna be the wild card and say 165m.  

I'd feel pretty confident saying that we'll see the next evolution of the Nintendo Handheld before the 3DS has the opportunity to reach a hundred million. I say lifetime hits 110 million but we'll see the next generation handheld by 70 million, mobile is really growing and Nintendo will have to combat that.

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90 million


101 millions!

I just got mine but I'm not allowed to play around with it till the 8th!

ironmanDX said:
101 millions!

I just got mine but I'm not allowed to play around with it till the 8th!

how come?


Estelle and Adol... best characters ever! XD