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So Wii U is in a tough spot currently but it has alot of room for improvement, here is my breakdown for sales the rest of the year.

By the end of July Wii U will have about 3.5 million units sold (rounding to nearest .5m)

From Aug-Oct is has a some solid exclusives coming in Pikmin 3, Luigi U, W101, Wind Waker and Party U along with some advertising. I think those 3 months combined can push about 1 million units for a total of 4.5 million.

Nov/Dec has 3 big games that are most likely going to sell 5 million or more, those games are DKC Tropical Freeze, Wii Fit U and 3D World. Those games plus some decent holiday deals/bundles like Basic-$199, Deluxe w/extra game-$299 could push alot of units. Im gonna guess about 3 million pushing total sales to 7.5 million by the end of 2013.

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oct~dec - 4,5mil

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I say 2 million. It's probably not getting a price cut, but it should manage about 2 million sales in 16 weeks. That's around 125,000 a week. I think that's pretty reasonable.

I don't think that 2-3 million is a out-of-reach estimate. More would be certainly welcome, but I'm pretty comfortable guessing in the 2-3m ballpark.

8 million by the end of the year

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No more than 3 million.

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I originally felt comfortable in predicting (back at Wii U launch) that the system would probably sell at least 10 million within it's first year (by Dec. 2013). That was before the drought happened, which I had no way of knowing was GOING to happen. So given that, sadly I have to pull predictions back. I would love to see it somehow hit 10m before 2014, but that'd be pretty huge holiday sales.

40,000 a week so roughly double, slightly more with a price cut

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In the US I think it will sell comparably to the GameCube in fall 2002

October - 60,000-approx
November - 425,000-approx
December - 600,000- approx

Europe and Japan I'm not sure. I think Mario Kart would've helped more in those markets than the Mario 3D World/DKC combo. My guess would be 2/3rds the US number for Japan and Europe. Japan prefers 2D Mario to 3D Mario, even NSMB2 has outsold Mario 3D Land, and done so in less time.

I think Wii Fit U, like Brain Training on 3DS will not do so well. It's an idea thats time has passed and people are fickle about fitness fads to boot. I wouldn't be shocked actually if Wii Party U does slightly better as it seems to actually use the Game Pad in a lot of different ways.

I think around 3mil for October to December, which will leave the system around the 7mil mark for the beginning of 2014.


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