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What do you think of the memory cards?

Should have gone with SD cards. 97 78.23%
I like the current memory cards 18 14.52%
See results 9 7.26%

I think they should cancel the 4gb memory cards and add an 64gb memory card, using the same prices. I mean, 8gb for the price of 4gb now, 16gb for the price of 8gb, 32gb for the price of 16gb and 64gb for the price of 32gb now.

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Well ... they're not helping, that's for sure. I am often coaxed into making purchases on PSN since games are on sale often, but then I remember I only have a 4GB card and I can only hold about 2 or 3 games (depending on the size). Those are games I don't intend to get rid off just yet. I buy games on sale now and again. However, if cards were cheaper I'd buy more of them and more games on sale on PSN.


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The proprietary memory cards are unquestionably an added expense of the platform; I don't see how anyone can dispute this.

For some, it may be an excuse to down talk the Vita, but the reality is if someone wants whatever a piece of hardware has to offer, they'll eat the added expense of add ons, even if they don't like it, meaning those who continually call out to this probably have no interest in buying a Vita anyway.

Personally, I'm still using the same 8GB card that came bundled with my launch SKU and I have had to do a lot of data juggling and don't have the luxury of keeping 10,000 songs on my iPod that I'll never listen to (most of you understand this reference even though no one uses iPods anymore).

On a practical level, it's meant that I don't buy a ton of PSV software because I have to delete something else before I can install it. So the memory card situation is actually a strike on the platform's ability to move more software, at least in my example.

I will say that if I had more space and didn't have to pay a premium for it (since I don't use it regularly), I'd probably store more things on the unit (including some video, maybe some music, etc.) and have all my games installed on it, which would make it more useful/valuable to me as a portable device. Since it doesn't, it's more or less become a bedstand device that I sometimes use before going to sleep. I don't take it anywhere.

That said, it's still a gaming platform which means its ultimate value to me boils down to the games that I can play on it. By no coincidence do I find myself playing games on it that I can't play on my iPhone or my iPad or any other device that I own.

This is one of the several reasons that the Vita is affectively "crying in a corner."
Which is sad, the poor Vita shouldn't be crying!

That said, I don't think Sony will be arced to drop the price in the next few months.

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Phasing out the 4GB from retail and making it standard bundled with the Vita would help.

Then bring the others down to take place of the prices. (8GB $20, 16GB $30, 32GB $60)


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The memory card price is the only thing keeping me from buying one right now....and I really want one.

Otakumegane said:
On the other hand, it may be what's keeping the price of the Vita down. (Still think it's overpriced though)

What it lacks is a library that appeals to the mainstream audience. Sure the internet forums may enjoy it, but we're few and far between.

HIt the nail on the head in every respect.  Excellent post; literally what I was coming in here to say.

I think the problem is that the market for dedicated handhelds is declining and they're not Nintendo. I don't see anything they could do to make a Vita a success. I'm still enjoying it though, it's a great piece of hardware for sure.

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That is my main bitch about it. it is ridiculous. thats why i only have a 8G i will not pay that much money for memory. It only makes me buy cartridges and i dont buy anything digital, the only digital items i have are from ps+.

The 4gig it comes with is worthless. You need at least 8gig to do anything.


Performance wise on the sales, I'd say the best option was to go the SD way as in the case of 3DS. The proprietary memory cards have become a road block apparently. Or a drastic reduction in the price(overall hardware, with lesser discount on memory cards) would help to some extent both the parties(consumers and manufacturers). The time-frame can't be extended any more. Come holiday(PS4 launch window), the prices have to come down or Vita should bear the brunt.