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I would kill the whole brazilian Congress, all the 530 members. this place would be better without them.

My grammar errors are justified by the fact that I am a brazilian living in Brazil. I am also very stupid.

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Of course, I'd do it for a $1 million. Infact if nobody knew I'd did it except the government I'd do it for way less.

I'd kill the guy who's asking...

I won't kill an innocent person for any amount of m0ney.

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100% no.

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No, if I did I would not be able to live myself, everytime I see money I would think about it.

Kyuu said:

I'm surprised by the amount of people who actually say yes to this yet don't get any ban. While making an obvious joke about your inclinations against gay-promotion gets you banned instantly. It's truly ridiculous.

Bashing against any specific group of people, including gays, is against the rules. This could include jokes which don't seem offensive, but are to some. This thread targets no specific group of people. If the thread asked to kill someone based on skin color, religion, sexuality, etc, then it would probably be locked.

Make it a cool 40 and I will kill there partner too

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i don't think i would ever respect myself again if i did something like that, so no.

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